Digital transformation in ferry services. The success of Líneas Romero.

Learn about this digital transformation success story of the ferry company Líneas Romero. We talk about the objectives, challenges and steps of the project.

The buying process of our consumers is in continual evolution. Our potential customers have much more information about our brand, our industry, our products and competitors. Much more knowledge than we imagine. The Internet is the gold mine of information and today most of our potential customers do some research on the web before making a substantial purchase. These are likely to look for advice, data or even compare between several companies offering the same product or service.

According to the Boston Consulting Group, 95% of travelers today use digital resources for their trip, either before, during or after the trip. That is why your online presence must be perfectly adapted to their consumption preferences, in order to make the potential customer aware of your brand and, above all, to generate a positive image of your company.


The development and emergence of new players in the tourism sector, such as social networks, information search engines, price comparison websites or online travel agencies has been very important and must also be taken into account. In fact, the digital transformation is not something that will only affect high-volume companies. Even small and medium-sized companies can be helped to face increased competition with minimal investment. The main goal is to design and create a personalized digital channel that is able to attract, convert and delight your customers.

But the digital transformation doesn’t stop there, as there are many other benefits for ferry service companies:

  • Connect directly with customers and attract more direct bookings, decreasing reliance on tour operators, agencies and other commercial intermediaries.
  • Capture as much data as possible from potential customers and customer interactions with your brand online, in order to execute personalized campaigns and actions.
  • Create new products and reposition current ones to improve the customer experience and earn additional revenue.
  • Provide better customer service, taking advantage of the tools offered by the digital world.
  • Automate processes to monetize actions.

For example, if someone wants to plan a vacation to Greece with their family, they will first take a look at the best activities to enjoy on the islands or the best beaches to go to with kids. They might also be looking for tips on excursions and unique experiences that you can offer them. And all of this at any point in their shopping phase. If you are able to give your potential customer this valuable information, your brand will undoubtedly appear as one of the options to choose for their trip. 

Romero Lines

Romero Lines is a family-owned ferry company founded in 1930. It was the firstmaritime line company that connected the island of La Graciosa and the island of Lanzarote, in the Canary archipelago. In its beginnings, the company consisted of a simple rowboat used to transport mail between the two islands.

Currently, Líneas Romero is avery recognized ferry company in the maritime sector of the Canary Islands. The company now offers regular line services between the islands of Fuerteventura, Lanzarote and La Graciosa, but also sells a more experiential product:excursions with specialized guides (boats with underwater vision, catamarans and different water activities, among other services).

Líneas Romero continues to reinvent itself day by day and works on new projects to surprise its customers. It is precisely this spirit of self-improvement that led Líneas Romero to contract a new project.

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