Solutions to increase your website’s business

We show you an analysis of solutions to increase direct bookings in hotels.

Web booking engines

One of the key factors is to invest in your hotel’s website. Invest time and money. Honestly, you have no choice. It doesn’t take much to explain how important the booking engine is to grow your customer base.

We have paved the way for you. Here is a selection of the companies we consider most interesting. The London-based company Siteminder, the Texas-based multinational Sabre. 



There are companies that specialize in a set of products and tools that combine technological advances with personalized services and customer care. Undoubtedly, it is a very good solution to increase your direct bookings.

Triptease, based in London and New York, Hotel Network, an Australian company,  and the American company, are some of the most important examples.

Inbound Marketing

It is, no more and no less, a methodology that increases conversion without using intrusive techniques.

Hubspot is a powerful tool born from and for the essence of inbound marketing. This is a very elegant and effective way to increase direct bookings for your business.


Amara is a Hubspot partner and we are convinced that we can help you a lot in this matter once you have decided to implement this customer acquisition technique. Marketing is a world that evolves day by day and, if you want your business to succeed, you must go hand in hand with it. We will make it easier for you! 

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