4 Ideas for Christmas gifts for your customers

The most important time of the year is approaching, and it's time to get ready to celebrate in style. Wouldn't you like to thank your clients for their trust in your clinic throughout the year? You can thank them with small gifts for Christmas.

1. A Poinsettia flower

The Poinsettia flower, popularly known as Easter flower or Christmas flower, is one of the most traditional images of Christmas in our country. Homes and stores are filled with these beautiful flowers with their striking red color, which is undoubtedly the protagonist color of the holidays.

Although it is very internalized in our tradition, the truth is that its origin comes from the hand of Joel Roberts Poinsett, an American ambassador of the nineteenth century who found this flower in Mexico and, as tradition explains, it was he who considered a good idea to send it on the occasion of the Christmas holidays to their loved ones. And boy, was it a good idea.


You can also give it as a gift to your patients to decorate their home with an essential detail to get the Christmas touch. Or even to decorate your garden, as this flower can be placed indoors and outdoors.

Its most popular form is in its red color, but it is possible to make a difference by giving the Poinsettia in other colors, such as white, orange or pink. It is more common to bet on giving the flower in small pots, and more striking is the Easter flower in a cup, which makes it even more special.

It is thought to be a seasonal flower, but the truth is that if taken care of delicately this flower can last for more months, even for next Christmas. It would be a very curious challenge for your patients, wouldn’t it? Surely if they manage to take care of it for months they will be happy to share the anecdote with you on their next visits to your establishment.

2. Give Easter candles

The fire is another of the characteristic symbols of the holidays, and this makes candles one of the main details of many families’ table decorations.

There is a wide variety of decorations for Easter candles. From a more religious theme for the devout, to decorations and colors that have another symbolic value. Both candles and candle holders come decorated in a minimalist way, with patterns, in one or several colors… there are candles for all tastes, and especially for those who feel a great relief watching the candle wax melt. A small detail like this can make a big difference when it comes to finding an ideal gift for your patients.

The very colors of the candles get a great meaning when given as a gift. According to popular belief, if you give white candles to your patients, you are wishing them wellness. Green candles convey a desire for good fortune, while colors like orange or blue transmit good vibrations for clients.

And contrary to what is often said, black candles can convey a positive feeling: it takes care of warding off bad vibes and you show your client that you want to help them recover from what is wrong with them. It would be an ideal color for those who come to you to solve their oral problems, right? Although, of course, it all depends on one’s superstition levels.


3. Dazzle with some LED lights

Lights on trees, in shop windows, on walls, on balconies… without a doubt, another of the most characteristic elements of the Christmas tradition are lights. Just like candles, they come in all sizes and colors to suit all tastes. But probably when talking about LED lights you think of Christmas tree lights, right?

Nowadays LED lights are used for more purposes than that: to decorate rooms, living rooms, pictures… and for sure you have already seen the transparent balloons that are wrapped with a string of LED lights. Those balloons delight kids.

That’s why gifting LED lights is another way to surprise your customers so that they can use them to decorate their home in the coming dates and in the way they choose. Nothing like leaving your mark in the home of your patients by filling their rooms with color, with a method

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