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Step by step: How to register in Google My Business

Conoce la importancia de Google My Business para los negocios locales. Aprende a darte de alta en esta herramienta y aprovecha todas sus ventajas. ¡Descárgalo!

Anatomy of the e-commerce website

Take this opportunity to learn how to structure your digital business website to get more conversions and increase your online sales!

Practical guide to create your company’s corporate profile

Don’t know the DDC strategy? Define yourself, differentiate yourself and communicate it. Learn more about how to improve your company’s corporate branding by downloading the guide.

Does your hotel need a rebranding?

Do you need a rebranding? We have prepared for you an eBook with what you need to consider before getting down to work with the rebranding of your hotel.

How to do Inbound Marketing in your SME, step by step.

Get the practical guide with the best Inbound Marketing techniques. A Methodology that goes like a glove to gain more traffic and conversions.

Essential Inbound Marketing KPIs and Metrics

What exactly should you measure? Here is a guide to the KPIs and metrics that your business should take into account in each of the phases of Inbound Marketing.

Guide to reach out to travelers in their country of origin

Download this eBook and start reaching travelers at origin for your DMC.

Template to create your marketing plan

Enter your data and get a fabulous free template to develop your online Marketing Plan. Very practical and easy to use.

Download the eBook ‘Guide to internationalize your SME’.

Internationalizing an SME is no easy task. However, it is easier than ever using the tools provided by the Internet.

Free guide: 15 ways of segmentation to boost your direct bookings

Data collection is nowadays the cornerstone of the most efficient marketing strategies. It is easy to understand why this operation is so important: when you know your audience and interest segments, you will have an advantage to develop targeted strategies and save resources.

Do you need a rebranding?

Your brand says everything about you, so it is crucial that you make the right decision. Learn with this ebook the keys to rebranding and make the right decision.
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