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Although the website is, in many occasions, the first impact that a client will have on us, it is not a starting point, nor can it be isolated from the necessary route to reach him.

The relationship between web design, corporate image and graphic design

The website must be imbricated in the business culture and strategy, it must reflect what we are, what we want to be and how we will help our client to achieve their goals. Given that the system to which it relates is very complex, we should not lose sight of the fact that there are values that remain in your business and that must be present in your web project.

These values must be transmitted from the branding onwards, in each of the points of contact with the client, without renouncing current trends.

Why is website design important?

Once consumers have moved to a fourth phase in their relationship with the Internet, reaching the point where they not only buy but also seek solutions to their problems, the website has become, far beyond social networks, the meeting point with your potential customers.

Thus, the website is often the first and main way to meet with your prospect. A correct design and development will ensure winning the visitor’s trust. Although this is not a guarantee of success, its lack does ensure failure.

The user experience

Web design and development not only involves visual aspects, but also includes the structuring of the website so that the user can easily locate the information they are looking for, that the interaction with the elements of the website is simple and intuitive and that it is easy to read by search engines.

Following established industry standards, as well as current design trends is essential to achieve the best user experience.

This is much more important if you manage a mobile application or an online store website.

Benefits of a correct web design

Some of the benefits of a good web development and design are

It grants confidence to the visitor. Design studies have shown that a low level design conveys to the user the possibility of being confronted with fraud. On the contrary, investment in good design conveys the idea of a long-term investment, which saves the first point of friction with the customer.

It creates an environment conducive to conversion (purchase or contact request), since it offers ease of use and allows interaction to flow until this conversion is achieved.

It structures your entire online marketing strategy. From and towards it other elements such as social networks and email marketing are directed.

It is essential for the improvement of seo positioning. Incorrect structuring not only affects the user experience, but will also make the website positioning fail.

Some aspects related to web design and development that you should know

Don’t design your website for yourself. Design your website for your clients.

Keep your website simple and focus on what is truly important to your client.

It is important that web design and development is done from mobile to desktop. In this way we eliminate certain elements that may work correctly on a desktop but will not on mobile devices, which in many cases already represent 80% of traffic.

To be effective, your website should be designed according to the characteristics of the Google’s Mobile-First, be responsive, load content quickly, include the right contact/targeting pages for increase conversions, take care of the conditions of use and cookies, have a https security protocol, etc… Here you will find other tips for a good design and programming of your website.

Website maintenance: secure your revenue stream

Your website is up and running, you’re starting to reach your goals, your sales and marketing team is happy and satisfied… and suddenly the system stops working.

Finally getting your website online is just the first step on your journey. There will be obstacles and challenges to face.

Creating a website is a fundamental step for any business, as it is the ideal tool for generating leads. For this reason, we must consider the possibility of problems arising in your operations in the future, therefore, it is necessary that all the efforts of your teams are consolidated to avoid it.

We know how important your website is for your business, as it is not only “the face” of your company online, but also a powerful tool to attract customers and ensure the return on investment. To take care of it, we design three types of maintenance: preventive, corrective and evolutionary.

Adopting preventive maintenance means taking advantage of the right measures to protect your website from malware and external threats. Corrective maintenance focuses on helping your company to be able to solve problems if they occur and correct minor errors.

Finally, our evolutionary maintenance initiates all the structural changes necessary to keep your website up-to-date with technological innovations and new tools available.

Our team is prepared to ensure that your website will continue to function at its best and to overcome any challenges that may arise. We will be the best ally for your website, accompanying it throughout its journey, avoiding bumps and deviations to successfully achieve your goals and ensure your company’s revenue.

Let us take care of your most important tool and accompany you on the road to success.

Success story: Líneas Romero

Our success story as a web design agency in Palma de Mallorca, Líneas Romero, increased its sales by 83% between July 2017 and July 2018.

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