Balearic lighthouses

Creation of a website with documentation on the cultural and historical heritage of the lighthouses of the Balearic Islands, so that the Port Authority would gain notoriety among the Balearic society.

Every organization, regardless of its activity, has as one of its main concerns visibility in its sectorGetting notoriety is a very important challenge for many companies to build a target audience and, with the consequent growth in sales, business progress itself. This challenge has risen to a new level with the existence of the Internet, which in recent years has become a digital showcase for companies. However, every organization must define a differentiated identity and make itself known in society, a fact that entails more than just achieving sales.

Despite its origin as a public organization, the APB did not have a strong identity that connected it with Balearic societybeyond commercial activity. Although its mission of managing and administering the ports of the archipelago is an essential task in the economic activity of the islands, the APB wanted to find a way to get closer to the citizens. This approach stemmed from its desire to demonstrate that the port sector was more than just the transport of goods and more than maritime transport for the citizens.

The APB has an important historical and cultural heritage: old buildings that contain, in addition to port activity, the history of Balearic society and life since their construction, such as the well-known Fort of San Carlos (Mallorca). Some of its most important heritage buildings are the lighthouses: they are constructions that, without doubt, reflect the history of their time, so they have a high cultural value, both for their construction and their mechanisms and for being a source of inspiration for photographs and paintings.

In an important maritime commercial point as Spain has been for centuries, there are a total of 187 lighthouses scattered along the coasts, of which there are about 60 that are still in operation. In recent years, a tourism aimed at the lighthouses has arisen, so that those lighthouses that are still active and those that are no longer in operation are becoming new points of tourist interest.

The APB has a heritage of 34 lighthouses in the Balearic Islands, in which they saw an opportunity to approach the Balearic society: transforming the lighthouses of the islands into new attractive points for tourism. Their idea consisted in the creation of an online platform dedicated specifically to offering documentation to citizensabout the lighthouses scattered around the islands. To carry out this initiative, it was necessary to have an innovative proposal that, in addition to providing the value that this topic did not have before, would act as a powerful communication tool of the APB with the residents of the archipelago and its visitors.

We present the way to build the logos of the hotels included in the different product sub-brands of Alegria Hotels. This exhibition includes a vertical and a horizontal version, a version of the Exclusive seal, another for the logo of the chain’s Apartments, and a logo for those hotels that are not framed within the product segmentation.

A graphic style linked to the brand

We have managed to define a graphic style that differentiates the company and that is carried over to all its applications. In this way, we have created a homogeneous and differentiating graphic identity.

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