Anatomy of a service website

Take this opportunity to learn how you should structure your website to improve your business' online conversions and get more sales opportunities!

Increase your sales through a conversion-ready website

Digital transformation is a great opportunity to achieve new business opportunities. But to do so, the creation of your website cannot be a simple template. It is vital to know the key points to enable the conversion process of visitors, through a website that reflects the message of your company. Learn the essential elements for a service website with this interactive ebook.


  1. How to give a new approach to your clinic
    • Technology has transformed patients’ consumption habits. So what approach do you need to take to your clinic strategies?
  2. I already have a website
    • A modern clinic has a website but how many clients come through your website?
  3. The home page
    • Making a good impression from the moment the user arrives on your website for the first time can be vital to gain a new conversion.
  4. The shopping cart
    • Create your own booking engine. Adapt it to the usage trends of your potential customers to bring them an optimal shopping experience.
  5. The Offers
    • To obtain the contact details of anonymous users, you must offer them something of value in return.
  6. The Blog
    • Build a channel to generate content on a regular basis, and thus constantly work on the SEO positioning of your website, just as you can become a benchmark in your sector.
  7. The Landing Page
    • The fundamental piece for the conversion process. An informative landing page is key for the user to decide to give their data.
  8. The Thank-U Page
    • Once you have obtained your leads’ data, you can do more than just thank them: provide them with related content that may be of interest to them.
  9. Terms of use and cookies, how and where to display them
    • Potential customers want to have a safe experience when browsing your website. Through this information they will know that their data is in safe hands.


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