Marketing and sales alignment

Aligned marketing and sales teams will achieve better results.

As a professional or business you may have experienced slowdowns in the pace of work or misunderstandings that led to increased expenditure of time and resources due to interactions between your sales and marketing teams. These “accidents” happen in all business sectors, whether for small or giant companies, past and present. We are on your side to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

In these dynamics there is no one responsible for your company’s difficulties, we are sure that both departments are focused on their own strategies, working towards your company’s revenue generation. Perhaps, your teams just need a little help to learn to cooperate and discover all the incredible advantages that would be derived from a new concept of teamwork.

At Amara we like to think of companies as a perfect machine, where all its components work in harmony and synergy to achieve new and incredible goals.

We are talking about Sales and Marketing alignment, in other words, SMARKETING.

Thanks to this smart methodology, we focus on bringing your departments together through shared strategies and funnels, a well-defined SLA (Service Level Agreement), brainstorming sessions and on-site workshops. We then provide useful tools to create solid new procedures and develop smoother and more effective communication between your sales and marketing teams.

Through this process, we create a new internal dialogue and make customer information accessible at any time, to simplify the work of both teams as much as possible. As a result, strategies will be more effective, processes will be faster and closures will be easier to achieve. A truly peaceful revolution for your company.

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Unify communication

It’s time to break down the boundary between marketing and sales. Your two teams must communicate constantly and be committed to delivering on the tasks assigned to them.

Plot the sale from start to finish

Both teams need to be part of the process and be aware of each other’s actions. This will highlight sales hotspots just in time and close them faster.

Consolidate pros and solve cons

Take advantage of the positive characteristics of both teams and combine them. Through this process, you can find the obstacles experienced by each department and remove them so that both groups are compatible.

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