Anatomy of the e-commerce website

Take this opportunity to learn how to structure your digital business website to get more conversions and increase your online sales!

Descubre cómo es la anatomía de un sitio web e-commerce para conseguir más contactos

Discover the anatomy of a website e-commerce to get more leads

Your business website is the international image of your brand. Work with a customized website that makes you stand out from the competition. Your company is unique, so your website should also be unique. Avoid working with templates. Otherwise, how will you attract the attention of your potential customers?


La web de tu negocio es la imagen internacional de tu marca.  Trabaja con una web personalizada que te haga destacar entre la competencia. Tu empresa es única, por eso tu web también debe serlo. Evita trabajar con plantillas. Si no es así, ¿cómo llamarás la atención de tus potenciales clientes?

Líneas separadora
  1. Home
    • Capture the user’s attention from the first moment they arrive on your website.
  2. The shopping cart
    • A fast and intuitive checkout process facilitates the user experience, and supports them in moving towards closing the purchase.
  3. Offers
    • Offers are the object that allows you to perform the conversion process: convert the anonymous visitor into a lead or sales opportunity.
  4. The Blog, a good option for positioning on Google
    • This channel allows you to publish content periodically, therefore, it is vital for positioning on Google.
  5. Landing Page will determine a large part of your conversions
    • An attractive landing page is key for the user to decide to give up your data in exchange for the valuable content you want to offer.
  6. Thank-U Page, the page that invites further navigation
    • This page is more than just a thank you to the user for downloading your offers: it is the opportunity to offer related content to keep them interested in your business.
  7. Terms of use and cookies, how and where to display them
    • Complying with the introduction of the legal contents will allow you to prevent problems in the future, as well as transmitting peace of mind to the user.


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