Sales activation

Are there ways to effectively trigger sales? Yes, using the right tools, knowing the buyer persona and the buyer's journey.

What is the sales process of your business like? Do you base your methodology on the pitch of your sales people or on the needs of your customers? Due to the change in consumer behaviour, traditional sales techniques (also affected by the lack of alignment with the marketing department or managers) are not effective.

This is why a scalable and productive long-term strategy is needed to adapt to changes and maintain conversions: a user-centric strategy. To do this, today’s salesperson must rely on the information obtained from the sales opportunities of their business (those prospects with an intention to buy). Information that allows them to know their needs at each stage of the buying cycle (buyer’s journey).

The right information from this cycle in the hands of a trained salesperson makes the difference in reaching the right audience at the right time. And this enables that sales opportunity to move forward to a buying decision. But because the quality of these opportunities is important to generate sales, at Amara we help you to define the right strategy at each stage and align marketing and sales reps to achieve common goals.

We equip sales with resources

We help you equip your sales reps with the most relevant content and technology to identify opportunities based on their status in the buying cycle. These resources will allow them to measure the effectiveness of each contact with potential customers and optimise their engagement techniques.

We increase your efficiency

The alignment of marketing and sales representatives is vital to activate sales and achieve the company’s common goals. An internal communication system to qualify leads for sales and establish the suitability of the best opportunities is essential to improve revenue.

We improve your relationship with your customers

With a sales activation strategy, we prepare your sales reps to adopt a customer-focused approach that allows them to focus on their needs according to their status in the buying cycle, to establish themselves as authority figures and useful sources of information.

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