Alua Hotels & Resorts: Una marca fuerte que transmite sus valores

Our success story with Alua Hotels & Resorts, a hotel chain with hotels in Mallorca, Ibiza, Tenerife and Fuerteventura, which included our brand strategy service to generate a solid and differentiating brand.

This success story consisted of the development of Alua’s brand identity that coherently reflected the chain’s attributes and its characteristic concept of hospitality.

Alua Hotels & Resorts

Alua is a young hotel chain with a vocation for the acquisition and management of hotel establishments. With the intention of focusing on the Spanish holiday market, it concentrates its activities on the Balearic and Canary Islands and the Mediterranean Coast.

The chain offers modern, unique and fun beachfront vacations. It creates welcoming atmospheres by refurbishing hotels and repositioning them in the market. It designs, in a flexible way, a customized solution for each hotel and differentiates itself in each of the markets in which it is present.

Aware of the expectations of its customers, Alua works on innovation and implementation of tools and resources necessary to know their preferences and needs and keep up with the best practices in customer service to strengthen its reputation and positioning in the market.

Recursos gráficos que transmiten los valores de Alua

Una de nuestras soluciones fue la creación de un símbolo, que representa las fases de la luna, y cuya función consiste en acompañar los títulos y textos destacados. El segundo recurso gráfico propuesto fue una selección de tramas para su uso en fondos. Estas tramas representan los elementos naturales visibles en la noche: el mar, las estrellas y la luna. De esta manera, las tramas refuerzan la idea que da origen a la marca y a su imagen.

Graphic resources that convey Alua’s values

One of our solutions was the creation of a symbol, representing the phases of the moon, whose function is to accompany the highlighted titles and texts. The second graphic resource proposed was a selection of patterns for use in backgrounds. These patterns represent the natural elements visible at night: the sea, the stars and the moon. In this way, the wefts reinforce the idea that gives rise to the brand and its image.

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