Free guide: 15 ways of segmentation to boost your direct bookings

Data collection is nowadays the cornerstone of the most efficient marketing strategies. It is easy to understand why this operation is so important: when you know your audience and interest segments, you will have an advantage to develop targeted strategies and save resources.

Are you having trouble driving bookings on your hotel website?

One of the obstacles that hotels encounter on their websites is the lack of strategies to increase their direct bookings. Traffic is not really the problem but the conversion that encourages more customers to come to your hotel. Do you know if you are implementing the right actions to convert contacts into customers? Do you think there is something your strategies are lacking?

Maybe the answer is segmentation. Divide your contact database into groups that allow you to create and send the right content. After reading this guide you will know what to do with the information you get from your leads (sales opportunities) and the best way to use that data with the segmentation of your contact list.

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The importance of segmenting

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