Alua Hotels & Resorts: Creation of a children’s club

Alua Hotels was looking to connect with families, one of its most important segments in the market. We managed to unite Alua with its customers through the creation of a Club.

Our aim was to create a children’s club for Alua Hotels, to present its customers with a unique and different family experience based on the company’s values and experience in the tourism sector.

Alua Hotels & Resorts.

Alua is a young hotel chain with a vocation for the acquisition and management of hotel establishments. With the intention of focusing on the Spanish holiday market, it concentrates its activities on the Balearic and Canary Islands and the Mediterranean coast.

The chain offers modern, unique and fun beachfront holidays. It creates welcoming atmospheres by refurbishing hotels and repositioning them in the market. It flexibly designs a customised solution for each hotel and differentiates itself in each of the markets in which it operates.

Aware of its customers’ expectations, Alua works to innovate and implement the tools and resources necessary to understand their preferences and needs and keep up to date with the best customer service practices in order to reinforce its reputation and positioning in the market.

The children asked questions and made assumptions about the history and habits of the Astro Family. They talked about the language the family used to communicate or the reason for their visit to Earth. Reflections that introduced the children fully into the universe of the Astro Family, incorporating everyday habits into it.

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