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Data collection is nowadays the cornerstone of the most efficient marketing strategies. It is easy to understand why this operation is so important: when you know your audience and segments of interest, you will have an advantage to develop targeted strategies and save resources.

Companies have always considered the importance of having information about your customers, since they began to adopt offline methods such as storing data in filing cabinets and card indexes. Even if these techniques represented at the time an innovation, in our digital world they are obsolete and impractical to consult.

So what can your company do to keep up with your customers, get valuable data on potential customers’ geolocation and favorite browsing tools and verify your sales? The answer is to implement a CRM system, a tool that will revolutionize your marketing strategy and, therefore, your entire business.

Any company can access important sources of information through a CRM in an easy, aggregated and segmented way. No matter who made the sale or took care of your customers, thanks to the CRM you will get all the necessary information in a few seconds.

A customer relationship manager (CRM) will also help you to quickly and easily know what your potential customers are interested in, to generate a broader view of your business and create upsellingand cross-selling campaigns.

Adopting a CRM system is not only for large companies with an imposing amount of data to manage, but it is also an excellent solution for small and medium-sized companies, distributed in any type of market, especially in the tourism and healthcare sectors where satisfying customer needs is essential. Having a CRM for SMEs goes beyond data collection: you can sell your products or services following the advice of your best advisors: your customers.

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CRM offline, CRM online

The CRM software, in addition to storing your prospects’ data, can integrate information from social media, your customers’ actions on your website, their reactions to your email marketing campaigns, etc.

Placing the customer at the centre of the organisation

Administrative tasks are no longer the most important part of running your business. It is important to know and meet the needs of your customers.

Increase revenues

By having a better understanding of your target, you will be able to make more successful sales, and consequently increase your revenue.

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