Bases for working on personal branding in social networks

The personal brand of the doctor or health professional is something that can (and should) be worked on in social networks through content, but how?

1. Know what personal branding is all about.

If you are a professional in the health sector, have a clinic and have been implementing digital marketing actions for some time, perhaps you have thought that you should take the step of working your personal brand on social networks as some other colleagues in your sector are doing.

You may have thought that by doing so you can solidify your reputation and that of your practice or the services you perform, as well as get more clients. And this is all true. However, it is essential that you understand that working on your personal brand is not the same as talking about your achievements, it is not only equivalent to exposing your success stories.

Today the personal brand of a doctor, physician, therapist… is built based on how much you can contribute to a community interested in a particular topic, on the value and relevant content you can create for a series of followers, some of whom are going to become (or already are) your most loyal customers.

The consolidation of a personal brand is, after all, the result of an effort that involves the creation of content for active users in networks. In this scenario there will be a feedback in which, on the one hand, relevant content will be created. On the other hand, there will be a dialogue around them that will lead to build and consolidate the personal brand, the online reputation of the professional.

But for this, the first step is to know who those followers are and what you should look for and value when you start working on the contents to create your own online reputation, your personal brand.

2. Understand what kind of followers you need.

When you began to see the importance of social networks for social marketing, in the beginning, the strategies that were carried out were designed to gain a large number of followers, as many as possible. Similar to what was thought with the increase of users on the web, a greater number of followers, meant a greater chance that these users would become customers.

The problem with this practice was, and still is, the quality of the followers. Today, more important than the number of people who follow us on social networks, is the involvement they have with the brand, even if it is the personal brand of a healthcare professional.

That is, today what is truly important in social networks (and in general in any other marketing strategy in which content is key) is the engagement of the users. And it is essential to understand that this engagement goes beyond giving a like to a publication.

The engagement we should be interested in achieving is one that fosters a real connection with the person’s brand, with their values. A engagement that leads to active participation with the content, that generates community, that influences in a positive and responsible way. An engagement that improves the conversion of unknown users into leads or potential patients.

And for this it is essential to understand very well what are the needs of the consumers of your clinic, the buyer persona, especially those who spend more time on social networks. You should ask yourself questions such as: how do they communicate, what formats are most interesting for them, what is their buying process like, and what relevant content could you create for them? And of course, what relevant content could you offer in each of these buying phases?


3. Know what content will generate engagement.

Most online marketing strategies are fueled by content, especially those involving social media. The practices and actions we carry out revolve around the ability we have to generate interesting content, content that helps us attract traffic, content that allows us to convert unknown users into first appointments and content (in the clinic) that is informative and attractive enough to get us to close a budget…

As we have just commented, if what we seek is to work on personal branding this content must have the purpose of achieving engagement. However, we must be clear that not all content works in the same way to generate the engagement needed in networks. This is well known by those people who have established themselves as influencers in their sector.

These influencers are the contents that are the most important ones.

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