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Launching an advertising campaign is a great opportunity for your clinic. To make it more successful, you need to think about whether you are doing it at the right time. How do you know when is the best time to promote your services? We will help you to do so.

1. Think about the needs of your clinic

Yes, it is true that you should offer your services to meet the needs of your clients, but before launching your advertising campaign you should consider what area of your practice you would like to promote.

Before developing any kind of advertising campaign, ask yourself if there is any need to cover: Do you need more clients? Do you want to promote a new service from your clinic? Do you need to promote a service that has not been as successful as you had hoped? In case you don’t need to cover any problems but you want to get better results with your services: do you want to offer special advantages to your regular clients? How about launching family or children’s offers?




If you launch an advertising campaign the result should be higher profits for your clinic, so check what targets are still to be met and through what type of services you can achieve them.

2. How can I know what my clients are interested in?


As your objectives change, so do the needs of your customers. Their preferences when hiring the services of your clinic depend especially on their needs and the time they have available. In addition, there will be seasons when they will prefer to go to a health centre immediately, or they are difficult times to go to a private clinic.

In the field of health care, the and the time they have available.

In the field of plastic surgery there is usually a high demand for liposuction and mammoplasty during the summer holidays. Although it is a very short period of time, both men and women know that these procedures are a quick solution to improve their personal appearance. So they turn to plastic surgery clinics in the run-up to the start of the summer season – some even seek treatment during the summer months.

On the other hand, some men and women are more inclined to seek treatment during the summer months.

On the other hand, there are clients who take advantage of their holidays abroad to have aesthetic medicine treatments in the cities they visit, as is often the case with health tourism.

The health tourism.

The best marketing campaign for a clinic will be the one that convinces the clients who need it, so your best method to elaborate your campaigns is to study the needs of your clients and give them solutions through your services.

Is it possible to know what your customers’ trends are each season? Yes, and this information comes from your own experience: if you carefully analyse which services are the most demanded at each time of the year and by which kind of clients they are required, you will be able to create advertising campaigns for a specific target.

What does this mean? By segmenting advertising according to the types of customers you have and what services each group requires, you will achieve much more effective advertising campaigns. Do you know your customers well? You can gain valuable information about your customers from the customer’s journey.


customer’s journey.


3. Say goodbye to traditional advertising


At the concept of ‘advertising campaign’ you’ve probably already imagined newspaper, magazine or large format ads. It’s time to say goodbye to traditional advertising, why? Because it involves a high economic cost: paying for a place in a newspaper or magazine for your advert, or printing a series of leaflets to distribute in your clinic or in different places, involves a significant investment that you can use in other equally or more effective methods and for less money.

The online advertising is, nowadays, a great strategy to attract your clients. Your clients spend a large part of their daily life on the Internet and one of their many movements is to look for solutions to their doubts and find clinics that offer services to cover their problems. Thanks to the Internet you can carry out advertising campaigns at an affordable price, and you can use the money you save for other activities: for example, to improve the reputation of your clinic, attract new clients or develop communication channels that do provide value to your client.


You can develop your online advertising campaigns in different ways: through your website, your social networks or by using the Google Adwords SEM.  

4. What types of advertising campaigns are there?

What types of advertising campaigns are there?

The online community offers many ways to promote yourself, but here are a few simple yet effective ways to get started with your clinic’s advertising campaigns.

Social networks

We have already talked about the functions that allow you to practice the social networks, and you should know that it is possible to take advantage of them to launch your advertising campaigns. Undoubtedly, the service par excellence for launching campaigns is Facebook. Why?


    • Facebook is used by several generations of customers. You will be able to launch your campaigns to attract from the youngest clientele to customers who are entering their senior years


  • You can segment the reach of customers you want your campaigns to reach: by location, age, type of service, etc.
  • Create attractive campaigns with eye-catching images and videos that your customers can easily share on their profiles.
  • And most importantly, be very active on your Facebook profile to analyse visitors’ impressions of your campaign and how it has spread.

Google Ads

Ads is a service that boosts your positioning in the Google search engine through SEM. But to get more traction you need to offer more in your advert than just the name or website of your clinic.


You can offer more information in your Ads thanks to the extensions, which allow you to include more details of your advertising campaigns. There are geographic location or featured text extensions that can enhance the impression your ads convey, with the aim of targeting your ad to your chosen audience for your advertising campaign.


Imagine you want to offer a tooth whitening treatment to an adult audience between the ages of 18 and 30. You could place a catchy phrase such as “brighten your smile!” prominently in the ad, followed by a short description such as “get a perfect smile with teeth whitening”. Thus, you introduce the need and the solution in the same corner.



Placing your website in your advertising campaign is not enough either: the customer will want to find the specific information about that treatment you are promoting. For this you should design a landing page on your website where all the details about the service you advertise in your advertising campaign, from details of the treatment to the promotional offers, can be found.


Obviously, don’t forget to place your clinic’s contact information and a form where your potential clients can register to receive more information about your service, just as you will gain information about your clients.

5. What results do you get?


Launching an advertising campaign in the healthcare sector can generate pleasing and interesting results for your clinic. Working on the promotion of your clinic under the supervision of professionals in Inbound can improve conversion rates to achieve a 1% of conversions from visit to SQL (an anonymous user who visits your website and requests your first visit). From here, industry ratios indicate that between 40% and 60% will confirm the quote. Add to this the average booking value of your clinic and you get the increase in turnover you will achieve.



6. How to create SEM campaigns for clinics


Since it is a SEM system within the giant Google, it is advisable to launch your paid campaign on Google Ads. These are the guidelines to follow for the creation of campaigns in Google Ads, but you can also apply them to other online advertising methods.

6.1. Set a goal for your campaign


What is the service you want to promote in your campaign? Yes, we know you would love to increase the conversion rate on all your services, but the best way to start improving the number of conversions is to put special emphasis on promoting a single service that is of high interest to your potential customers.

Once you are clear about the service you want to promote, set a target to achieve with the launch of your campaign. If you are going to set a conversion rate to achieve, keep in mind that it must be realistic and according to the period of time in which your campaign will be running. That’s why deciding when to launch your clinic’s campaign is key to a successful launch.

6.2. Be clear about the situation of the healthcare market


What services are currently in demand by the public, are there clinics offering these services, how are competitor websites positioning themselves, and how are they positioning themselves?

Before launching your website, you should be aware of the current market situation.

Before launching your campaign it is very important to know the current state of the health sector, especially what are the main searches of the public on the Internet.

Analysis of your competitors cannot be missing either to check how they are getting positioned in search engines. Your Google Ads campaign will be effective if you choose the right keywords, so do your research and discover the most powerful keywords that your competitors are not yet exploiting.

All of your Google Ads campaign will be effective if you choose the right keywords, so do your research and discover the most powerful keywords that your competitors are not yet exploiting.

On the other hand, you must be clear about your target audience and analyse their specific data. For example, for sure you want to offer your services in the Spanish market, but in which specific area? In this case, it is important that you carry out a geographical study, in order to know the most requested services in your area of interest. Remember: the more specific the audience of your campaign, the better your chances of increasing your conversion rate.

If your objective is to enter the health tourism market, it is essential to study the situation of the competition in your target market. In addition, you should be aware of the conditions of your clinic: is it prepared for the services in which foreign clients are interested?


6.3. Choose relevant keywords

You should not use hundreds of keywords to position your ads; use keywords that are really effective. To find out which ones are effective, they should meet these three characteristics:


  • They must have a sufficient level of traffic.
  • They must have a sufficient level of traffic.
  • They must have a sufficient level of traffic.
  • They must fit the needs of your buyer persona.
  • They must fit the needs of your buyer persona.
  • Must be tailored to users who are in the last stage of the buyer’s journey: the decision stage.
  • Must be tailored to users who are in the last stage of the buyer’s journey: the decision stage.

You can rely on the Google Ads Traffic Trend Indicator. The Google Ads keyword planner not only helps you to find keywords that you can use to build your campaign, it also informs you about the current traffic trend for each keyword. In this way, you can use the most appropriate keywords according to what users are searching for at any given moment.

If you are interested in attracting foreign customers, you can obviously not miss an analysis of the keywords most used by foreign audiences when searching for health services.

campaign-google-ads-clinics6.4. Prepare your campaign landing pages

Launching campaigns through Google Ads allows you to include a link where you can find all the information about the service you are promoting. It is not recommended that you include a link to the home page of your website, but a specific page where your potential customers can find information about that particular service.

That’s why we always insist on the creation of landing pages: share all the information your potential customers need to know about your service, and don’t forget to place a form form for visitors to request more information. By placing a landing page in your Google Ads campaign, your customers are only one step away from the conversion process, making it an ideal method to increase the likelihood of converting more visitors into sales opportunities.

6.5. Perform conversion analysis

It’s time to stop and analyse the conversion rate of your clinic. What is the conversion rate of your latest campaigns? Which campaign has managed to create the most sales opportunities? Which service has attracted the most visitors? It is very important to take into account the conversion rate as it is real data on the results of your previous campaigns, and it will undoubtedly be what will help you to check the reach of your campaign.

According to the campaign you want to carry out, establish a real conversion rate that you can reach in the short or long term. Google Ads will allow you to promote your campaign for the period of time you want. However, remember that search engine trends change over time, and this can affect your conversion rate.

6.6. Protect your clinic’s brand


There are many companies and clinics that use Google Ads to promote themselves, what’s more, some companies may use your company name for their own Google Ads promotions. It may also be the case that a third party distributes your products and services, and when launching its own Google Ads campaign, competes with you on the same keywords. By increasing the demand, the CPC (cost per click) also increases, and this would lead you to pay more to position yourself in the keywords you are interested in.

In order to avoid these situations, do not hesitate to contact Google and ask for trademark protection before launching your first Google Ads campaign.

6.7. Launch your Google Ads campaign


Google Ads works on a CPC basis: your clinic will be promoted on the keywords you are interested in until the clicks you pay for are exhausted. That’s why carrying out so much research and analysis is essential, because we know that it’s in your best interest to invest your money in a campaign that benefits you.

When creating your ad, remember that it is important to be concrete and forceful: specify what is your service and in a short sentence explain the benefits that visitors will get if they opt for this. Don’t forget to put the link to your landing page and to write down the keywords you are interested in positioning your ad on.

How much to invest in Google Ads CPC? If until now you have not used an SEM campaign, do not worry: there is no specific price to contribute. Therefore, start with an initial payment and analyse the results of this first payment. In this way, you will be able to know if your Google Ads campaign is being effective and thus continue paying for the ads, or rather check if it is not having an effect and avoid losing money.


Images: (CC BY-SA 2.0) Oregon State University(CC BY 2.0) Marco Verch

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