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Differentiating yourself in the healthcare industry is an arduous task for all clinics. The key to standing out is to send a message to your clients that truly defines your clinic's goals and objectives. Find out how to start differentiating your clinic in this article.

1. How do other clinics differentiate themselves?

Check out your competitors’ websites in your area. Do theymanage to convey a different message from other clinics? If you visit websites of, for example, dental clinics, you will probably find the word ‘smile’ on more than one occasion in the content of their home page. It is true that having a nice smile is one of the concerns of customers, but you know very well that it is not the only reason they go to a dentist, let alone getting a nice smile defines the whole identity of a dental clinic.

No doubt clinics want to attract customers through nice messages, but there comes a time when all clinics are throwing the same message to customers. Are all clinics exactly the same? Clearly not, and therein lies the root of the problem: the clinics’ message does not distinguish them individually, and as a result they are not differentiated from one another in the public eye.


The reason? Not all clinics are encouraged to define themselves concretely in the industry for fear of losing opportunities and sales. It is very common for clinics to think about solving all their clients’ problems, when, in reality, specializing in specific services will give greater authority and confidence in front of clients.

What is the message you convey to your clients through your website? And through social networks and other media? If you find that your message is very similar to that of other clinics, don’t worry: it is possible to fix this and find a message that makes you stand out in the industry. A clear message will not only help you achieve an effective marketing strategy, it will also help you set a course to follow in the long term.

2. Choose a single direction to follow

One of the reasons why it’s so hard to differentiate yourself in the industry is that clinic teams don’t take the time to define a single direction for their work. As we have already told you, not all clinics have a defined route for fear of not getting clients, and they prefer to join in repeating the same kind of messages to carve out a niche for themselves in the industry. However, defining a single path brings more advantages than trying to prove that your services work for everyone.

How to achieve this? By starting to give a specific focus to both your strategy and the overall philosophy of your practice: define your services and specify who they are aimed at, define the techniques you work with and your working methodology, and also introduce the members of your team. Basically, work on developing a culture where your services and objectives are clear, and getting the message of your clinic across to both your employees and your clients.

How can this benefit your clinic? Initially, it will allow you to know perfectly all the pillars that support your clinic, and so you can devise a defined message of your clinic to the health market.

If you open the doors to the public with your message it will take you longer to qualify sales opportunities, while launching a specific message aimed at the customers you are interested in you will reach them more effectively.

Clients will choose you because of how and why you perform your services; if they know they will be in the best hands, they will have no problem visiting your practice as often as necessary. You can even gain authority outside your geographical area and attract clients outside your area.

In short: by presenting a defined message that differentiates you from other clinics, you will create an image of specialization and gain authority in the sector.

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3. Steps to define a focus for your practice

Study the message you currently convey to your clients. Does your message make clear the.

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