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Employer branding, the growing trend in the healthcare marketing sector that helps improve your practice's employer brand, attracts the most sought-after talent in the market and improves the work environment.

1. What is Employer Branding

Employer branding is the expression commonly used to describe an organization’s reputation as an employer and its employee value proposition: one of its most important assets.

We must be careful not to confuse this concept with general corporate brand reputation and its value propositions for customers. That is, our goal here is not the promotion of our services or products, but the valuation of the work environment and the development of attractive featuresto remain competitive in an increasingly candidate-driven marketplace.


Employer Branding is also “telling the story” of what the company offers new team members in exchange for their time and talent, not only to asecure the best profiles but also to generate loyalty among the people who are already part of your team.

According to research conducted by LinkedIn, more than 75% of job seekers also research a company’s reputation as an employer before submitting their application. In addition companies that suffer from poor reputation not only have more difficulty in recruitment processes, but also have difficulty in retaining their own employees.

2. So why should your clinic invest in this technique?

At the moment the medical sector is one of the fastest growing industries worldwide and job advertisements and new hires show no signs of slowing down.

In Spain the number of registered doctors in 2017 increased by 2.4% over the previous year, reaching a total of 253,796 people; the number of nursing staff also grew by 2.9% to 299.824 collegiate.

Also statistics indicate that in Spain Employer Branding is in a very incipient phase (since it began to be practiced about 2016), so it can be a competitive advantage for those clinics that begin to develop a plan where the human factor is fundamental.

Employer branding is a key element for the effective channeling of new talent and the reduction of staff turnover. It is especially important if your clinic is not yet known nationally and it could be more difficult to attract the best candidates in the market.

For this reason, to understand the importance of this trend applied to clinics you have to ask yourself: what does it mean to work in my clinic? In fact, job seekers require the company to give them a clear idea of what it would be like to work there and at the same time try to get information from their employees or previous workers. The answer should highlight the core values of your organization and its way of dealing with challenges. In addition, it is important to detail the growth and development your clinic offers employees, as well as the benefits and advantages.


3. How to implement it

Gather information about the opinion of your current employees

The first rule to improve our reputation and take the shape of an attractive employeris to be an attractive employer. To understand if we are already in line with the expectations of our employees (present and future) we must listen, ask questions, gather facts, information and true opinions.

This process may be disappointing for the employer but it will certainly provide us with the necessary tools to improve the internal mechanisms of the company and solve problems in a non-confrontational way.

Care for your corporate website and social media

As we have seen, employer brand care has been around for some time; however, social media has radically changed the game. If in the past the job description was a “monologue”created by companies to describe themselves, today this message is addressedto a wider audience and can theorizethat the job description is a “monologue”and can thematize the job description.

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