Healthcare marketing: examples in the digitisation of clinics

Was your clinic prepared for digitization and the latest shift in consumer behavior? Check out these healthcare marketing examples.


1. Rebranding.

For many medical clinics, the word ‘rebranding’ may sound unnecessary or even frightening. The rebranding (and we’re not just talking about changing a logo) can be a considerable investment. However, there comes a time when different factors mean that this brand has become obsolete and, for a clinic, this can make it difficult to win first appointments.

Therefore, it is important to review the branding and check whether adjustments, major or minor, are necessary to adapt the brand identity in a way that makes it possible to perform a correct alignment between the services and products offered and the consumers:

1.When is rebranding necessary?

When is it necessary to improve your online reputation:

A brand should be a reflection of the most current needs of its potential customers and it is possible that, over time, this reflection has become more blurred, more undefined. That is, it is possible that after certain years in the sector you have not been able to adapt to the needs of those who may be your potential patients today, so that rebranding is the solution to improve your online reputation and demonstrate that you are still at the forefront of the sector.

On the other hand, in more extreme cases, it may be necessary to perform a rebranding to correct certain attitudes and/or strategies that have led to distorting the image of your clinic. Think that it is enough one dissatisfied client (or even, employee) to denigrate all your work, especially if no attention has been paid to the image that was projecting of your business on the Internet and that may have directly affected the first appointments.

When there has been a considerable loss of client:

It is possible that despite having a pristine online reputation, your clinic has lost clients. It is normal to have seen a drop in first appointments in the current situation, however, if the loss of customers has been considerable, or was a trend before the pandemic, it is important to analyze the reasons and assess their relationship with your brand.

Think that consumer needs are changing over time and, although we have now witnessed a drastic change, consumer trends have been progressing every year. It is important to review what our consumers need and whether our brand aligns with what is important to them. It is also critical if we have become obsolete for certain customers, while for others we may be an option. In this sense, rebranding can be a great ally in terms of marketing.

When we want to differentiate ourselves with our services:

One of the big problems in many sectors is high competitiveness. Faced with this, some clinics have dedicated and invested a double effort in marketing strategies and online sales, while others have been able to observe that their audience is increasingly demanding, that it is already even difficult to talk about the interests of certain market niches, that it is necessary to be more specific and bet on offering the best customer service.

These clinics are the ones that choose to differentiate themselves and even specialize in certain treatments in order to satisfy very specific clients, which we know as buyer personas and which are fundamental to implement the different marketing and sales strategies in a much more intelligent way. Obviously, this differentiation comes hand in hand with a rebranding, a rebranding.


1.2. What should you be clear about to do a rebranding?

For your potential customers, your buyer persona, your identity is a visual, emotional and communicative combination of your brand. So, when you consider the possibility of rebranding, you must comprehensively analyze the three main aspects that make up the branding of your clinic:

How it is defined:

Sometimes, experts will advise you to break with everything that came before, and start from scratch with a new visual image, a new logo and even a new name. Other times, however, it will be important to keep elements of your original identity and make small changes gradually. It all depends on the differences between your current brand and your potential clients.

The first step in (re)defining yourself is to determine the value of your services, the philosophy of your practice and to critically analyze whether you can meet the

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