How clinics should manage their social media

Do you want to start generating engagement on social media? Build your clinic's online reputation by creating a social media strategy.

Yes, we have already told you many times how important it is to have an online marketing strategy for your clinic. If you are here, it is because you have already dedicated a lot of your efforts in transforming your website into a health portal, creating content and, in addition, you are working to improve day by day your positioning in Google SERPs in order to reach your potential customers.

But, how else can you reach these buyer personas? As you must have already imagined, the answer is through your social networks, those where your potential customers can move the most.{{cta(‘bb2971b9-bf36-4c36-8edc-75223dba5208’)}}

And while we know that social networks are one of the most useful online tools to improve online reputation and maintain a conversation with your audience, solving their doubts through chats, they can also help you not only to improve traffic to your website, but especially to improve the quality of the leadsthat come in, that is, to improve your conversions. But how?

1. Study the current situation of social media in healthcare.

As with any action you take in online marketing, you must first take into account what the opportunities are in your field, in this case the healthcare market. Think that, as a result of the pandemic, one of the biggest sources of information (on health issues) for users has been the Internet and that, for this reason, the opportunities to reach them through digital channels have opened up even more if possible.

And in order to build your best plan of action in social networks, you must take into account a number of fundamental points: the new behavior of your buyer personas in the RRSS, what objectives you must achieve, and what strategies you are going to use on social platforms to achieve them.

1.1. How your buyer personas use social media.

First of all, we remind you that, to build the profiles of your buyer personas, you must study in depth your most recurring customers, most loyal ones, but also those you would like to reach and, from them, generate your potential customer profiles.

If you had already created these profiles, but had not yet included information on how they act in social networks, perhaps it is a very good time to investigate what these consumers do on the network, what content may interest them in each of the channels and how they interact with it.

This will not only be valuable information to build your social media strategy, but also to gain more knowledge about your customers and take advantage of it to consider new ways to sell your services through online marketing.

You should study in which social networks your customers move more. You will probably see that Instagram has gained ground and followers, but you may find that, on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest or even TikTok they are interested in a certain type of content that you can engage with to improve your strategy.

That is, the behavior and content needs of your potential prospects on each platform may be different and, therefore, you should choose which ones may interest you more to achieve your overall marketing goals, creating content in each of them, which we will talk about later in this post.

Finally, always remember that customer interests change over time, and with them the content that catches their attention in RRSS.

No doubt the Covid-19 pandemic has marked a before and after in the strategy of any online channel, especially in the healthcare sector. The ever-changing restrictions in each community have made the use of social networks mandatory to, at least, keep consumers updated on various aspects of the day-to-day life of clinics and the present situation.

If before it had been common to see clinics using their social networks to expose their services, share banal posts about the company’s activity and employees, or share more relevant content, but without following a clear conversion target. Now, the use of social media as a customer service platform has skyrocketed. However, going forward, none of these uses are going to be enough to recover from the crisis and maintain stable growth.

That’s why it’s time to take note and study the trends in social media and the trends of the future.

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