How to attract the clients that matter to your clinic

Many clinics such as Dentix, Vitaldent, Multiestética... use aggressive marketing tactics, offline and online advertising, have competitive prices... But competing with them is not impossible with the right online marketing strategies to attract customers to your website. Do you want to know them?

We know that existing, repeat patients account for more than half of a clinic’s customer base. However, you also need a continuous flow of new customers to keep the sales funnel active and compensate for the loss of patients.

Since they may move away for various reasons, mainly when their treatments end, it is essential that you develop attraction strategies for new customers, starting with:

1. Identify what type of consumer you are looking to attract.

Let’s assume that you know perfectly well how your industry works and that you know very well what the value of your business, of your clinic, is, and let’s move directly to this crucial point that consists of knowing your buyer persona, that is, your potential customers and their buying cycles. You may already know what type of customers you have, i.e. who your target audience is. But what are these ideal clients like? What are they looking for from your practice? Why are they looking for your practice? What are their problems and needs?

To attract clients, it is not enough to determine who your target audience is. You must dig deeper into what these individual people are like. If necessary, conduct surveys of those first visits that have ended up accepting one of your treatments, identifying buyer profiles and needs at each stage of their buying cycle. From this data you can and assumptions based on the customers you have you can build profiles. Need help?


2. Implement a positioning strategy.

Internet is today the largest source of content for consumers. Therefore, when they need information, they consult search engines like Google, hoping to find answers to their questions and doubts. And obviously, when their searches are related to your products or services, you must respond taking into account criteria that will improve the positioning of your pages.

The objective of a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy is that the website of your clinic appears better positioned in the SERPs (search results pages) and is getting more organic traffic, ie, more natural visits. To do this you need to:

2.1. Research the keywords that your potential customers would look for.

First you must think well what kind of content your buyer persona, that is, the potential customers you want to attract, are looking for. The keywords or search terms refer to the doubts of users and the type of information they need to get.

In this case, it would help you to use web analytics and SEO tools to see how and with what keywords your traffic enters, in addition to observing the search trends of your industry or even your clinic. In addition, if you detect that there is a seasonality in specific treatments and that patients come to your clinic with unresolved questions, these would also be useful.

2.3. Classify search terms according to buying cycle.

Your customers have a buying cycle and, in each of its stages, the information they need, i.e., the search terms used are different. Think that later you will have to optimize the pages and create new ones with relevant content based on these stages:

  • Exploration: search terms based on problems that may appear in your sector and that will depend, ultimately, on the services you can finally offer.
  • Consideration: terms related to solutions to these problems, offering advice and providing knowledge about the different treatments a patient could opt for.
  • Decision: terms based on the purchase decision and therefore on those services offered by your clinic. Since in this case you already show your brand, the information can be on your website.

Interesting content in the buying cycle

2.3. Organize subtract keywords according to cluster or relevant topics.

To position your website you also need to think about grouping all these search terms by themes. It is likely that these topics fit the treatments offered by your clinic, but it is also possible that you will find topics that you had not contemplated and that answer your patients’ doubts. For this reason, you should organize

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