How to improve the engagement of your patients on social media.

If you want to attract a more qualified audience to your practice, try improving engagement on social media. Follow our advice.

1. Show interest in the problems of your community.

Getting followers to interact, to give not only likes but also to comment and engage with the content is not easy. This is even more complicated if you do not show interest in the problems of your community, in their doubts, their concerns and even in their direct questions, which are often frequently asked by multiple consumers to which you could provide answers.

Actively listening to your consumers will give you an idea of what particular issues (related to health and aesthetics, obviously) they care about or are most interesting to them. With this you can demonstrate the more human character of your brand (whether it is your personal or your clinic’s).

But, on the other hand, don’t be afraid to ask your followers what types of content they want to see and, especially, in what format they want to see it. Conduct surveys(polls) in those platforms where you have more interaction to know their opinion.

In this way you will also demonstrate not only your interest and concern for the topics relevant to them, topics with which they can identify, but also your commitment to satisfy them with the most appropriate content format.

Once you have found a thread of conversation that you can build on, encourage dialogue around this topic. According to a study conducted by Hootsuite in collaboration with other sources “the most successful brands stick to pre-existing communities.” Instead of trying to create a community with which to establish a dialogue, search among the users of your community and other organically formed communities for conversations that may be of interest to your brand.

In many cases, you will find that these communities have formed around leaders in content creation, that is, around certain influencers (even in smaller and more interesting communities) who talk about topics of interest to you.

3. Work with relevant influencers in your industry.

These influencers can range from colleagues in your industry who have done an excellent job of personal branding, to consumers who talk about topics relevant to their community, even if these topics are related to medical and aesthetic issues.

Collaborating with these influencers is important when it comes to connecting with and gaining the trust of an audience that interests you, especially because they are more engaged, i.e., they can help you get the engagement you need.

4. Create more entertaining and dynamic content.

As the Hootsuite study also indicates, “consumers are demanding more creativity from brands every day”. Consumers use social networks to be entertained as well as to be informed and updated on topics of interest to them. That is why when creating content you should think about how to make it more dynamic, more entertaining and, generally, this is related to the content format.

As we mentioned before, it is worth asking your community what formats are interesting in those social networks where they interact the most. You may find that visual and, above all, audiovisual content is the most easily consumed. For this reason, you should invest resources in creating videos, specifically.

5. Generate more video content.

Fortunately, nowadays it is easy to make quality videos on a low budget. Videos that, on the other hand, do not have to be used exclusively in social networks. If there is one thing that is intrinsic to a content strategy, it is recycling.

What is certain is that these videos achieve greater engagement from the community, especially on platforms such as Instagram where, you can raise awareness of health-related content from the same Reels, which many professionals in the sector use to address issues of interest in their community.

For this reason, many marketing teams are increasingly making experimental content, playing with video, audio and text on platforms such as Instagram or even TikTok but, especially, analyzing the effectiveness of their messages on each of these social networks.

While it is essential to start creating more visual and dynamic content, it is also essential to accept that social media work must be considered within marketing objectives. One of the biggest mistakes many clinics make is to think of simple account maintenance without taking advantage of the potential these accounts have to reach out to their consumers.


6. Don’t forget to use the right hastags.

In social networks, hastags are essential for users to find relevant topics, topics of their interest. It is the filter that, for example, you would have in your blog to group certain contents. But, on the other hand, these tags can also improve the reach of your posts, as well as their visibility, making it easier for other users interested in your industry to find your content.

You can also use them at specific moments, when you want to promote a special message, a survey, a promotion, or an upcoming event such as a webinar in which you participate with others influencers in your community, or a live event in which you will interact with your most active followers:

7. Perform direct for your community.

It is common to see more and more specialists from different health disciplines doing live as well as Reels on platforms such as Instagram, but also on Facebook. The idea of these Reels is to get closer to their community and show the more human side of the professional, more empathetic with problems that may affect their community. On the other hand, these direct mailings can focus on resolving very common doubts among consumers and even talk about more sensitive issues.

Live can be done in collaboration with other professionals or influencers in the industry, which has the benefit of bringing together several communities and introducing you to potential consumers who may benefit from your services. This practice in social networks is especially important for those professionals who want to work on their personal brand.

8. Add calls to action in your publications.

In order for your followers to interact with your content, you will often have to invite them to do so. Engage your community with calls to action that allow you to improve the engagement of your publications:

  • Share if you know someone with the same problem.
  • Did you find our publication interesting and useful?
  • Comment on your doubts regarding this topic.

Remember that calls to action, in addition to motivating interaction, can also help you move users from social networks to your web pages or blog articles for further information.

CTAs should have a clear and precise objective and each of the social media posts should serve the same purpose. In short, improving the engagement of your publications is also improving your reputation and your ability to attract people to your clinic.

9. Plan and be consistent in your publications.

If there is one thing that confuses users and followers in the networks, it is the inconsistency when it comes to publishing. In addition, there is increasing competition on social platforms, so it is important to be consistent, post frequently and be engaged. The best way to solve this is to make a publication plan for the networks in which you are going to work.

Content planning is essential both to achieve objectives and improve engagement and user interactions, as well as to avoid blockages or lack of motivation, which can be common at times. Sometimes, the best way to carry out a proper social media strategy is to have the right professionals.

10. And schedule them at the right time.

It is essential to identify which days and times work best among your audience in order to make your publications reach a larger number of followers. In this case, having Social Listening or Social Network Analytics tools will allow you to monitor the activity of the social profiles you work on, as well as to learn more about the preferences of your community. This, among other things, will give you an accurate idea of the best times to publish.

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