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How should you work your blog to improve the marketing of your dental practice? Connecting with your patients and giving them an answer to their questions is the basis to follow.

You can’t turn your back on so many affirmative answers and it’s time to give a twist to your dental practice’s marketing. your dental practice’s marketing.. For this reason, it is important that your dental clinic is not only on the web, but also that it provides answers to all these doubts that your potential patients may have.

Why blog for your dental practice?

A blog will help you connect with your patients. It is logical that in a sector as sensitive as the health sector, and in a market as demanding as that of dental esthetics, users seek information before deciding to visit a clinic and, more importantly, before deciding which clinic to visit.


Anyone would be hesitant to feel pain or see the need to improve the esthetics of their teeth. Many questions arise in this situation and your potential patients want to be informed of all the possibilities before making a decision. And it is through your blog that you must give answers to all these questions.

Position yourself as a reference clinic in your city, offer your potential patients updated information, new techniques and solve their doubts and fears. Remember that a blog is a way to reach your patients in a natural way and keep you in their minds until they are ready to become clients.

First, know your target audience

In order to be able to respond to the needs of your potential patients, you must first know who this target audience is. Once you are clear about who your buyer-persona is, ask your current patients what kind of searches they do on the web, what topics they are interested in, how they got to you, what questions they had before, during and after their treatment and what their words were when they searched the web about these questions.

A buyer-persona is a semi-fictional representation of your potential patients.  How old are they? Do you have children? Who makes the decision to choose one clinic over another? Do you use the Internet? How often? You can create as many buyer-personas as you need, although the ideal is to have no more than ten and a minimum of four.


You can download for free these templates that we have prepared to create your buyer-persona profiles in a quick and easy way, step by step. Remember that without clearly defined buyer-persona profiles, you cannot start a content strategy based on the needs of your audience.


The importance of your location

In a service such as health, the location of your clinic will be very important and you will want to be positioned in Google according to your location. If you have a single clinic in Madrid, you will not be so interested in reaching people in Bilbao, for example. You will want to cover Madrid and its surroundings, to reach those users who are potential patients.

Although it is true that the more visits your blog receives, the better the positioning that Google offers to your posts, you must also take into account the importance of the connection. That is why you should use keywords that include your location and others in the surrounding area that may be of interest to you.

Other tips to follow in your posts

You should also take into account the language that you use when writing your blog articles. Don’t overdo it in clinical or very technical terms, your patients won’t understand and they will just see that it’s all too complicated and may not be worth the effort. Explain your content in an educational, simple and educational, simple and very clear. Include images and video testimonials to make your articles more visual and easy to read.

In this article ‘Video marketing for your dental clinic, a safe bet’ we talked about testimonial video marketing as a highly recommended practice for your dental clinic. In it, we discuss that videos can also be included in your blog and, in fact, it is a practice that will help you both to attract your audience and to rank in Google!

Marketing in dental clinics.

A content strategy based on Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing, also known as attraction marketing, consists of creating content so that the user is the one who comes to us. With Inbound Marketing we go from bothering the user with cold calls to offering him content of interest so that he is the one who finds us as an answer to his doubts. And where will you ask about these doubts? Exactly, in the network.

An Inbound strategy involves creating the right content for the right customer, at the right time and in the right channel:

  • Adequate content. As we have already mentioned, you must know what interests your users have and what keywords they use in Google to search for information about their doubts. Then, you simply need to offer them content that addresses these needs and ranks for those keywords.
  • The right customer. When we talk about the right customer, we mean your target audience. This is the creation of your buyer-persona profiles, which we have already discussed. If you target your right customer (in the right location) the conversion rate to customer will be much higher.
  • Right time. The buyer-persona goes through several stages in their buying process (buyer’s journey). Depending on the moment in which your potential patient is, he/she will look for one type of content or another. There are three phases that the consumer goes through:

Awareness Stage. This is the time when the prospect is experiencing and expressing symptoms of having a problem. At this time, he/she will search educationally to understand more clearly what is happening to him/her. For example, you could perform a search similar to this: ‘Why do my gums bleed’. This is the moment when the user wants to give a name to his or her problem.

2. Consideration Stage. In the Consideration phase, the prospect already knows what is happening to him and now he is seeking to understand in depth what is happening to him and is looking for solutions. It could be a search like this: ‘Solutions to cure periodontitis’.

3. Decision Stage. In the third and last phase, the Decision phase, the prospect has already decided what his solution will be and is looking for the best alternative to make the purchase or hire a service. At this stage is when we should tell the user about our clinic and the advantages of working with us, not before.

  • Ideal channel.  Where are your potential patients located? In which social networks or forums? Do they use e-mail or, on the contrary, do they prefer you to send them information via phone call or mobile messages? You must know very well in which channels they are found so that your clinic has an important presence in them. If you are working a social network where your patients are not, you are wasting your efforts! Focus on the most important channels for your patients. And how will you know what they are? Exactly, by working on your buyer-persona profiles.

Are you ready to work on a content strategy for your clinic’s blog? From Amara we encourage you to start as soon as possible!

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