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A list of the best hospital websites, based on user experience and content.

1. The key points for a positive user experience

The points to take care of for a positive user experience are:


If we focus on a patient, family or friend, we want a comfortable stay. Your website should convey that feeling. Rock is fine for celebrations, but when you’re sick you prefer classical music.

Ease of locating information

This is a difficult time. The person visiting the website doesn’t want to spend the whole night going through the pages that make up your website. He wants one or two precise pieces of information, make it easy for him. Guide them according to their profile or the type of information they are looking for.



Conveying that they will be in good hands is a complete communication exercise. In this aspect, the contents are fundamental. We must talk about medical concepts, explaining why we are good specialists in the area, but always respecting that the patient does not have deep knowledge of medicine.  That your texts are written by a layman based on the information provided by a professional is a good idea. The image, the photograph, is also very important. Let’s avoid hollow happiness.

Ease of contact

You will possibly need to contact the hospital, perhaps a particular area. You will want to be able to call an inpatient, or the location and best route to get there from wherever you are. Phone, email should always be reachable. And one or more forms so we can get in touch later if it’s evening or holiday at the time the visitor arrives at our website.

Human heat

How about a chat in case you can’t locate the information you need? Talking to a person who can help you quickly can set you apart from other hospitals. Addressing one of your communication managers by name and having them understand your situation and get you out of a jam will make them remember you forever. And, in addition, will bring you new customers.

2. The 15 hospital websites with the best user experience

These are the websites we selected following these criteria.


  1. University Hospital Zurich


  2. Mount Sinai


  3. London Bridge Hospital


  4. Heidelberg University Hospital


  5. Ann & H.. Robert Lurie – Children’s Hospital of Chicago



  6. Great Ormon Street Hospital for children


  7. The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne


  8. Boston Children’s Hospital


  9. Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin


  10. Baylor, Scott & White


  11. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital


  12. Mater Misericordae University Hospital 


  13. Memorial Healthcare System


  14. Northwestern Medicine


  15. CHU Rouen Normandie


  16. Cooper University Health Care


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