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Those companies that take care of online reputation management have a better rating among users and are better able to manage small crises.

1. Create a ‘Covid-19’ space with relevant information.

The Covid-19 pandemic has raised a lot of uncertainty about the safety protocols in place in clinics, the availability of treatments and even information as simple as opening hours. And while you have even made posts with updated content regarding this situation on your clinic’s social networks, or sent a series of emails, you should know that these messages are not always going to be displayed or available to your users.

So, what should you do? The answer is create a ‘Covid-19’ space on your website with relevant and updated information (whenever there is a change) that can help solve all the doubts of your customers and potential customers. You may have received calls from patients with frequently asked questions: these are, among others, the issues you need to solve.

Yes, don’t stop updating your social networks and sending informative emails to your contact list, with these online marketing actions you can also direct users to the website for more information.

How does this help your online reputation?

The idea is that, thanks to this type of content, you can improve the current experience of your patients. They want to feel safe and by creating content available 24/7 in relation to this current topic, it is clear that your clinic intends to help your patients to solve all their doubts and to continue accompanying them along the way.

On the other hand, it is even possible that many of them have gone on a waiting list for certain treatments. In these cases, it is an excellent idea to keep them updated on the evolution and availability of procedures. Information empowers consumers in their decision making and improves the overall experience with your brand. In this case, creating transparent, human and useful content for your customers is essential. And that brings us to the next point.

2. Review and improve your practice’s content strategy.

Nowadays people spend hours on the Internet searching for all the topics that are of interest to them. It is normal that sooner or later, based on a doubt or problem related to their health and, in search of a solution, they come to find content related to the treatments you offer in your clinic. And why shouldn’t this content be your clinic’s content?

Think of it this way: with the right content strategy you can work out the search terms and the information you want them to associate your brand, your clinic with.


On the one hand, creating content will help educate your potential consumers, to have a better understanding of their own health and how to solve their problems. This strategy will also help empower users in their decisions, as well as in their overall experience.

And on the other hand, your clinic will be more likely to be found, not only thanks to the growing volume of your pages and relevant content, but also to those reviews with positive experiences and success stories that will improve your brand’s online reputation.

What kind of content helps improve your reputation?

1. Blog articles.

You may already have a blog, you may already be working on your SEO strategy by creating articles because you know that the more pages you have with the appropriate search terms the more likely your practice will be found in search engines.

But you should know that search engines like Google are getting smarter and, for this reason, your content must be relevant to your users, easy to consume and, especially, of quality.

In the past, search engines indexed (scanned) your pages (website or blog) finding keywords or important keywords in your industry, in order to answer users’ questions. Today these engines interpret the search intent of users, which is why your clinic’s blogging strategy (included in the content strategy) must be part of a Cluster set relevant to your consumers:

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