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We present seven tools to attract customers on the Internet and optimize your clinic's online marketing actions.

1. Content Management System (CMS)

How can you start attracting visitors to your website? Generating content on a regular basis through a blog. You should already have an idea of what it is: it is a platform that allows you to share content on a frequent and constant basis. You will remember that many years ago it was used as a place for personal expression, but the blog, since not so long ago, has become a magnificent tool to attract users to your website.


Yes, a blog definitely helps the online positioning of your clinic. But to achieve this it is essential to take into account three factors: 

Your blog must have constancy and, above all, relevance.

All users who come to your blog expect to contemplate a certain constancy. Because this shows your dedication to providing valuable information to your audience. If they see that you publish an article online every five months, they may feel that you have no interest in educating your audience.

And your articles must be relevant. Keywords are important to rank on Google, but remember that your blog is your means of education and training to your potential customers. They come to your blog because they need a reference in health, a source of quality information, of trust. And how to get this?

The contents of your blog should be based on your marketing strategy.

If you have already defined your buyer personas and you have already planned some first marketing actions, you should know very well what interests your customers. If you have a beauty clinic, some of your buyer personas will certainly be interested in knowing what your skin care recommendations are, depending on their skin type (such as combination or oily, for example). And you can provide them with answers, through your blog.

Study the interests and needs of your audience, and from here start to devise your content calendar. This calendar should be based on your business objectives. For example, if you plan to launch a new service in your private clinic, you can launch relevant posts to guide your followers to be interested in this new service. And of course, relevant content is crucial for your online positioning.

Blog posts should be supported by a CMS.

And what tool is necessary to build a blog? Well, you need a digital software that allows you to create and manage content easily, especially if your team has no experience in web development. This essential tool for your blog is a Custom Management System (CMS).

There is a wide range of CMS suitable for businesses like yours that need to offer online content, without requiring an in-depth handling of the software. If any member of your team wants to contribute their knowledge through the blog, they should feel comfortable to write and publish the articles. One of the most well-known blogging tools is, without a doubt, WordPress. 


2. Online visibility management tool

Checking the impact of your clinic’s online strategy in a simple way is also possible. There are multiple tools that will allow you to analyze the online visibility of your website and your blog, that is, the reach that your digital marketing has on the network.

There are essential tools for your online strategy, such as Google Analytics. This tool is key to check that your internet marketing is working; either to discover which pages or posts are having the most success – and optimize them to the maximum – or to find those that are less successful and need better content.

That will help you understand the current interests of your potential customers, and so you will know how to guide them towards the buying process.

And what tool can help your clinic to discover the topics of interest of your customers at the moment? Google Trends. This superb Google tool presents you with visibility data for keywords and topics that you think may be of interest to your audience. It also allows you to compare topics, which is very useful to know which topics generate more interest on the internet at the moment, and use it, for example, for your next blog posts.

Remember how important it is to generate relevant content: it is the content that will attract new users to your clinic.

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