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Discover the best dental clinic websites that will inspire you if you are designing the new website for your dental clinic.

1. The points essential for a suitable health website

These are the points that must be taken care of for a positive user experience:

Intuitive website

Easy navigation allows users to find the information they need regardless of their age and technological skills.Accessing the contents with a few clicks and quickly ensures a longer permanence on our website and generates leads.

CTA for online booking

Lead generation also means providing users with the appropriate stimuli. In this sense, if for other sectors an economic call to action could be aggressive, in case of medical services it becomes an advantage for the user who has urgency or requires immediate service provision. 


Audiovisual elements

The presence of eye-catching visual elements such as photos and Youtube videos, alternated to the contents, facilitates the reading of our website providing the user with a pleasant experience and allows to show the best facilities of the clinic.  To achieve this goal, it is essential to use high quality graphic elements and positive images: cheerful staff, satisfied patients and clean and well-kept sanitary environments eliminate worries and convey confidence in the structure.

Blogs and inbound tools

Providing quality, educational and easily accessible content on our web blog allows users to deepen their knowledge of the subject, resolve doubts and make more informed decisions. In addition, along with other inbound tools such as clinic newsletters, the blog allows us to generate organic traffic and successfully position our website.

Positive reviews

Including in our website some real positive experiences confers credibility to the structure through the authority of other customers’ opinions.  In fact, the existence of platforms such as Tripadvisor or Yelp has firmly confirmed to us that users are more likely to finalize the purchase of goods and services after reading positive reviews about it.  Therefore, our clinic represents the product we want to recommend and showing positive reviews will help us build a professional and successful image. 

2. Top 15 clinic websites

These are the websites we have selected following the above points:


  1. Elleven Dental Practice 

    Elleven Dental Practice

  2. Pronova Clinic

    Clinica Pronova

  3. Harley Street Dental Clinic

    Harley Street Dental Clinic

  4. The Wellington Clinic

    Wellington Clinic

  5. Moorgate Dentist

    Moorgate Dentist

  6. Dentist on Fulham Road

    Chelsea Dental Clinic

  7. Praxis für Implantologie & Zahnimplantate in Berlin

    Praxis für Impla</p></div></div></div></div></div></section><section class=

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