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Have you thought about working with video marketing for your dental clinic? Testimonial videos will connect with the most emotional part of your potential clients.

Think about it, what do you remember more easily, a text you have read or a video that has caught your attention? Moving images are processed up to 60,000 times faster than text and a visual message is retained 50% more.

Of course, there are different types of video marketing and each sector (and each channel) will need to work one or the other. Today we want to focus on video marketing testimonial, especially indicated in marketing strategies of dental clinics and aesthetic clinics in general.



A real testimonial, your best letter of introduction

When talking about sectors such as dental or aesthetics, it is logical to think thatpotential patients want to know other cases that have gone through the same process and see what the results have been.

On dental clinic websites it is very common to find images of the before and after treatment, but what if we go further? This next step will be the testimonial videos.Connecting with your potential clients through a satisfied patient is much more effective than anything you can say about your clinic. Aloyal client is your best promoter and will attract potential clients to your clinic. Ua video testimonial would be to bring to your platforms and in a controlled and attractive way the online comments of your customers.



Why should you start working video marketing in your practice?

  • Because it increases engagement. A video connects much better with users than other types of content formats. Video marketing transmits emotions and even more if we are talking about testimonial videos.
  • Because it improves the SEO of your website.The SEO positioning of your website can be increased thanks to video marketing for two reasons. On the one hand, because by including videos on your website, the user will spend more time on it. On the other hand, because Google positively counts the use of videos on web pages and improves the positioning of those pages that use them.
  • Because it improves interactions on your social networks. Did you know that, as a general rule, videos are the type of publication that gets more interactions on Facebook? There are few sectors in which videos do not work better than other types of posts on this social network, even better images or link posts.

Video testimonial. Some practical tips.

  • Length. How long should a testimonial video be? It depends, but as a general rule videos should not last much longer than one minute, according to data collected by YouTube, because after that point the viewer begins to lose interest in the video. In addition, the first seven seconds of the video are crucial and it is when the viewer will decide whether to continue watching the video or not. Structure the script of your videos very well and highlight what is most important, without too many frills.
  • Testimonials. Testimonials should not look forced. Make sure you find people who look natural in front of the camera, who don’t look like actors, but who know how to express themselves in a clear way.
  • Promotion. Videos are the perfect complement to accompany your posts, your emails and, of course, to share on your social networks. No matter how much effort you spend making your videos, if you don’t distribute them in the right way, what good is it to you?

Let’s look at a practical case study of video marketing and how we can promote our audiovisual content.

A practical case study. Video marketing as a support for Inbound Marketing.

Working on Inbound Marketingand, within this, lead nurturing, let’s take a practical example. A user notices that his gums are bleeding a lot lately and decides to search in Google ‘why are my gums bleeding’.

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