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Today the ideation, design and web development must be dynamic in the face of so many changes in the sector and the need for optimization. Find out more.



Businesses in the healthcare sector that have gone digital, or have decided to refocus a website that has been out of date for some time, have a clear premise: the need to achieve an ideal website that meets their objectives, and that will not need to be changed for the next 5 years.

Generally, these objectives are related to an improvement in web positioning, which allows them to attract more traffic and improve their awareness or brand recognition, as well as to get more first appointments. And of course, web design and development is complemented by a strategic ideation to be carried out.

However, to achieve real results it is necessary to work on and optimise this strategy, which translates, in most cases, into the optimisation of the website. A process that is impossible without the development of a dynamic website, designed for business growth. For this reason, it has many advantages for the clinic:

1. It saves time in the launching process than investing in improvements.

As you probably know, either because you have experienced it first hand, or because colleagues in the sector have told you about their experience, the process of launching a website can take up to almost indefinitely when you are looking for a specific design and approval of all the pages. A period in which your current website, if you have one, may not be getting results.

Generally these periods can be around 4 or even 6 months, until the final product is delivered: with the ideal design, the correct development with its respective responsive layout and, the complete content worked on and revised.

But what happens if the website is not ready for the final product?

But what if you discover that your forms are not placed in the right place to boost conversion? What if your banners or call-to-action buttons are not eye-catching enough, or are too aggressive? And what if the content is not enough, if what is interesting for users is not what was proposed as the first proposal?

What would happen if the content is not enough, if what is interesting for users is not what was proposed as the first proposal?

What would happen if the content is not enough?

Think that the preferences and needs of your customers are very specific. To devise a web structure, you start from the knowledge of your buyer personas, but generally hypotheses are raised and these are always revisable. For this reason, the concept of “perfect” is not applicable to a website, which can always be improved, starting from a basic structure (a launch pad) prepared in 2 months.

2. It allows to improve the performance of the pages according to analytical data.

Generally speaking,

It is a very good solution.

In general terms, website analytics is essential. In particular, analysis during the first 2 months after launch is vital to implement improvements and optimise the strategy at different levels. In other words, the data we receive from the website analysis can help us to improve the performance of the pages in order to achieve our objectives.

Today, betting on a dynamic web ideation, design and development not only allows you to save time, based on this basic structure but also to invest in improvements, once real analytical data is obtained on the performance of the pages according to their design, the layout of the elements, the content, etc.


3. It allows you to optimise content for search engines and users.

Content optimisation for search engines and users.

As we have already mentioned, the website launch platform, this basic structure, is designed with the clinic’s buyer personas in mind. These buyer personas are profiles that represent the different customer types of your business, and their status in the buying cycle that leads them to request a first appointment, is fundamental to the idea of the right strategy.

With the buyer and their buyer’s journey (buying cycle) in mind we can plan the initial web structure and overall the most optimisable content possible to attract, convert and get these first appointments. And in this case, a dynamic website can help us to implement these optimisations when necessary.

Starting from a launch pad, we can analyse the performance of each element and piece of content to improve it, taking into account the real preferences of users and implementing the right search engine optimisation techniques to attract more qualified, i.e. more interested traffic to the website.

With the aim of attracting more qualified traffic to the website, a dynamic website can help us implement these optimisations when necessary.

In order to attract these users, it is necessary to create specific content that not only positions, but is of interest to them in order to encourage a conversion. Therefore, in this case it would be impossible to implement the right methodology without making changes to the website.

4. It allows to integrate new functionalities for users and improve the UX.


As with content, it is possible, over time, to discover new features to improve the user experience on the website. For example, the integration of pop-up and intelligent forms, live chats or chat bots, or even online consulting, among others.

In the absence of a baseline index of how user behaviour is developing on the new website, it would be difficult to determine which specific pages, at which session times, or even who should see these new elements, etc. In the first phase of development, it would be much less effective to integrate these new functionalities, as we would not have an ideal knowledge of the buyer’s purchase cycle.

5. It allows for smarter, lower-risk investment.

The idea process.

The process of ideation, creation and web design with all these optimisation possibilities is ultimately the least risky way to work towards achieving secure goals. This smarter investment in the process of creating your channel would allow you to improve not only the quality of visits to your website, but also increase the number of first visits.

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