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As entrepreneurs and marketers, we are obliged to constantly update ourselves. Learn from the best podcasts on marketing and networking.

And how do they do it? It is true that there are specialized blogs, but a master class is much better perceived through a video or audio recording. For this reason, the
are the resources most used by these great masters.

In case you are still a bit confused, a podcast is a radio or television broadcast that can be found on the Internet and downloaded to be listened to and/or watched by users whenever they want. Today we have collected the eight best podcasts for you to learn from the professionals who have the most to teach.


1. StartUp, among the top ten best podcasts

StartUp is produced by Gimlet Media. Divided into several chapters and seasons, in these audios you will find out how Alex Blumberg founded Gimlet and everything he has learned along his professional path .

If you are looking to start your own startup, you should not miss the series of episodes of these great professionals. What could be better than learning from the advice of one of the biggest names in marketing?

2. How to start a Startup, an initiation course

The How to start a Startup podcasts grew out of classes that Y Combinator CEO Sam Altman was offering for a semester at Stanford University. His classes consisted of explaining just that: how to start a startup. During these months, 20 conferences were held with some professionals from the sector as guests. These lectures were recorded and are currently available in both audio and video.

You can download them or watch them online in the format that most interests you and learn how to start your own startup. Here is one of the videos that were made. You can find all the other lectures and their transcripts and slide presentations at this link.


3. Entrepreneur On Fire, interviews to the most inspirational characters

Every day you can find a new interview of the most successful entrepreneurs. Entrepreneur On Fire host John Lee Dumas weaves in between questions the most incredible personal stories of these entrepreneurs who have achieved success.

Through these interviews (recorded in audio only), you can learn something new every day from the guests’ anecdotes. Be inspired by their dreams come true.

4. Action Catalyst, a weekly podcast on productivity and business discipline.

Every Wednesday, Rory Vaden, of Southwestern Consulting, will inspire you and give you techniques to follow to improve your productivity and to know how to distinguish which goals are the most important in your life and how to focus your energy on them.

Action Catalyst is among the best business podcasts. Do you know how to organize your time? Do you have self-discipline in your projects? Rory Vaden has solutions for you.

You will also find interviews with great leaders and entrepreneurs. Do not hesitate to subscribe to his news and send him your comments.

5. The Tim Ferriss Show, over 100 million downloads in 2016.

The Tim Ferriss Show is considered one of the best business podcasts according to itunes, having won the title of most downloaded podcast for three years in a row. And, in fact, it was the first podcast on this topic to exceed 100 million downloads on this platform.

In these audios you can listen to Tim Ferriss interview all kinds of entrepreneurs and artists who will give you tips to improve your routine and your business. Some of the guests who have already appeared on the program include Arnold Schawarenegger, Jamie Foxx and Peter Thiel.

6. Marketing School, a place tolearn (a lot) about online marketing.

As its name suggests, Marketing School is a place to learn about digital marketing and online marketing in general. From experts Neil Patel and Eric Siu, you will learn a new marketing tip every day in audios of less than ten minutes.

It is a perfect resource to learn a little more about marketing every day without having to spend a lot of time. For each podcast you will find a written script of the talk. This way, if you want to advance to a specific point of the conversation, you can easily find the sections that interest you the most.

Finally, Neil and Eric invite their audience to propose the next topics to be discussed. So, if there is something you are particularly concerned about or excited about, don’t hesitate to let them know your requests.

7. Social Pros, grow your business in the social networks.

The Social Pros podcast is led by Jay Baer of the agency Convince & Convert. As the name of their own company indicates, their podcasts will teach you how to convince and convert your target audience through social media.

Each week you can listen to an interview with one of the greats of social media. Social media strategists from the prestigious companies Dell, IBM or ESPN have passed in front of the Social Pros microphone.

Learn the latest marketing trends from the
latest trends in social media marketing
and grow the most social part of your business.

8. #AskGaryVee Show, build your personal brand in the networks.

With his characteristic energy, Gary Vaynerchuk will explain in videos (or just audio if you prefer) of less than 30 minutes how to build your personal brand in the media and social networks. And he will do it following his own experience.



These are podcasts of marketing questions submitted by the viewer and answers provided by Gary himself, a true Internet personality. In #AskGaryVee we discuss all kinds of topics about marketing, social media and also entrepreneurship.

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