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Finding a good marketing agency will translate over time into good results and a good working environment. Do not hesitate to make certain requirements.

Here is a checklist of the characteristics that your marketing agency should have so that the results are as expected and the work process is optimal.


It is one of the most desired features. Find a marketing agency that presents your company as unique, that makes you stand out. Sometimes a simple idea can be the most powerful if you apply the gift of creativity.


Market knowledge

While it is clear that you can’t be an expert at everything, you should find a marketing agency that has the resources to research and understand your market and your industry.

Integrated services

If you are an SME, a multidisciplinary company will make your life much easier. Managing the search for a solution to different needs in different agencies would be crazy. Look for a marketing agency that can help you with the different needs you may have.


Look for a team that can introduce you to new ideas. And, above all, to be able to anticipate problems that may arise during the project.


Your ideal marketing agency is effective, efficient, punctual and surprises you by delivering a better project than you expected.


In the best sense of the word, a marketing agency must have perfectionist professionals, who do not rest until have the best version of the project.

Feedback and follow-up

Work with a company that is in contact with you, that keeps you updated on the progress of your projects and from whom you receive feedback whenever you need it. Good communication is key in a work environment.

Love for what they do

Marketing agency professionals must love what they do and this is reflected in the results. Do not hesitate to have a meeting with the project managers before deciding. You will immediately notice if they are marketing and digital lovers.

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Punctuality in delivery times

Although unforeseen events can always arise, punctuality is an essential virtue in the world of marketing and advertising. Hire a company that is committed to giving you delivery times that meet your needs.

Experience and human talent

Don’t go to your neighbor’s friend. A marketing company is formed by professionals with experience in different branches of the sector (design, photography, video marketing, content…). Look for human talent and not the lowest price.


Nowadays, technology is essential in our day-to-day life and makes marketing much easier. Look for a company that is up to date and avoid those that are outdated. Your audience is changing, so your way of addressing them must also be different.

Objectives and results

An expert marketing agency will know how to set objectives and provide you with real results: data analysis on how each of your campaigns or strategies has worked.

Flexibility and responsiveness

A marketing specialist will never be a rigid person. Flexibility is a key characteristic for a team that must be able to adapt to changes that may arise in the middle of a project. A quick response time will be the key to the success of your projects.


The fact that a company transmits trust and proximity to you will be very important for you to feel that you are part of the team. Do not hesitate to always consult your marketing agency with any questions you may have.


A good marketing agency will engage with you, it will become a partner of your company from the moment you start working together.

Do not hesitate to be demanding when choosing the marketing agency that will make your ideas and projects tangible. A good choice will be the first step on a path full of new and interesting discoveries and learning .

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