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Augmented reality is evolving rapidly and it is not surprising to find this new technology in our daily lives and in mobile apps.

Sometimes we hear the term ‘augmented reality’ as if it were a distant idea, very technical and only for big Silicon Valley companies. But more and more nearby companies are daring to enter this field. And the results are incredible!

Of course, IKEA has surprised us again and this time with augmented reality. It has arrived to make life easier for its users who will not have to buy the furniture to see how it looks in their home.


On other occasions we have already talked about the Swedish company and its creative strategies. These are the posts in which we have previously analyzed the work of the brand:

IKEA Place. The solution to decide to buy from home.

This time IKEA has created an augmented reality mobile app that allows users to see how a piece of furniture would look in the rooms of their home. The video showing this functionality could not make it clearer how useful this application is.


The IKEA Place app aims to bring inspiration to the user’s home. Without the pressure and stress of being in the store and having to decide at that moment whether to take this or that thing home.

This also makes it easier for the user to shop online – you’ve seen how you like the new table in your dining room! So why not shop directly without a trip to the IKEA store?

This advantage can also be taken advantage of by customers  who do not have an IKEA store near their city. In this way, they will be able to order the product online knowing that they are getting it right and without having to travel so many kilometers.

Augmented reality is getting closer every day

What is augmented reality? For many people it is a term that is familiar but at the same time difficult to imagine or define. Augmented reality is a technology that allows a user to view a real space that includes non-real, i.e. virtual, objects.

Apple has had a lot to do with bringing augmented reality to companies like IKEA. With the new iOS 11 operating system, augmented reality will be coming to iPhones in a few months.

IKEA has been one of the companies quick to jump on the bandwagon and this fall will launch the much talked about IKEA Place app.  This app is currently only available for iPhone.

And this is not the first app launched by IKEA. In this link we can see how it has other applications for the most techno-friendly users. In fact, in 2016 IKEA already worked with augmented reality with its annual catalog. 



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