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What do your customers need and how can you help them meet their needs? Offer them solutions and surprise them. Bet on branded content.

Add value to your potential customers.

Generate content associated with your brand, in other words, branded content. Transmit values, solutions and emotions. This part of branding does not aim to sell, or not directly; it aims to offer our customers a solution designed and perfectly adapted to them.

If your prescribers are doctors, for example, create a blog with news from their sector that will help them to stay up to date. Try to do an exercise and think about what can help your customers. Make a list and then try to offer them a solution in which the positive values of your brand are present.


The most successful case of branded content is Popeye. Spinach producers decided to publish a comic strip of a character who multiplied his strength after eating cans of spinach. Such was the success that Popeye jumped to the big screen becoming one of the most beloved animated characters in history.


Other ideas to boost your SME…

Organizes thematic events on a regular basis.

The important thing is that the public relates an event that happens periodically (maybe once a year) with your brand. This will help us to attract new customers, build customer loyalty and add value to our brand.

You don’t need to invest a lot of money or pretend to organize the biggest congress in history. An SME can also stand out at events. Once again, we ask you to try to put yourself in your client’s or prescribers’ shoes and find out what they would expect from an event, what they would like to receive. Adapt to your audience and, once again, listen to what they need. 

For example, if you are a meat company and you have market stalls, organize a show cooking with a relevant personality from the gastronomic world. Surely you know someone who knows the most fashionable chef in Mallorca, or that famous cook on local television. Give free rein to your imagination, you will have time to lower the bar.

Invite your clients, have them bring friends and send invitations to potential clients: restaurants, hotel chains… If you aim too high, you can always consider co-branding with another brand.

Video marketing can be a very interesting way to reach your target as you want them to see you.

According to the latest figures published by Forbes,  64% of consumers are more willing to buy a product after watching a video about it. The statistics also show that 78% of mobile users have watched a video during the last site days. Figures that are sure to rise over the next few years.

Making a video marketing is not crazy, in fact the cost to produce it is getting lower and lower. The secret lies in selling or publicizing more than just the product. A solution, an experience, a feeling… This video, for example, sells a blender, but shows the consumer the power it has to grind in a very nice way.

Focus and bet on the small details. Those things that, however simple they may seem, make a product or service unique.

Creativity, the surprise factor, is what allows many SMEs to stand out from the competition. Analyze your brand’s strengths, point by point, and think about how you can add value to your product or service.

Think for a moment, what can my SME brand offer that no one else offers? A detail, as simple as it may seem,  can make a big difference. Take care of your customer, try to surprise them.   Offer a home delivery, give a recipe book as a gift or invite them to participate in a raffle sponsored by your major supplier. 

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