Downloadable content. The success stories of IKEA and Mr. IKEA. Wonderful.

Running out of ideas on what content to share on your website? We introduce you to the success stories of IKEA and Mr. IKEA. Wonderful in downloadable content. Stay tuned!

And how do you get this lead? Offering on your website downloadable content or offers interesting enough for the user to fill out a form with their contact to get them. And you will already have in your database!


Depending on each sector, the downloadable content offered (called
) will be different. The possibilities are endless, but some well-known companies have demonstrated how simpler but attention-grabbing downloadables also work from time to time.

The CTA and the Landing Page to obtain the lead

It is important to remember that the content of your website is a key factor to get visits and to keep users loyal to your blog. As for the content to get leads, if possible, it still needs to be worked harder. In the end, converting visitors to leads and leads to customers are your goals.

There are three previous steps before getting a lead:

First step. Once we have managed to get a ‘strange’ Internet user to reach our website and become a visitor, we must get his attention by means of a CTA (call to action button) where we will offer him a downloadable content(offer).

Second step. If the user clicks on this CTA, he/she will be redirected to a Landing Page, where, in addition to a form where he/she will have to leave his/her data to receive the offer, we can include more information about the advantages of downloading our content. The Landing Page is a critical step during the lead conversion process, since it is where the user will decide if it is worth leaving their data to get that content.

Third step. For the user to be willing to fill in the form, it must be brief and understandable. Do not ask for more information than is strictly necessary and make it very clear which sections are mandatory.

If you get your visitor to fill out the form, you will have already made him a lead! Then, your obligation is to send him in the shortest time possible the offer and, of course, thank them for their confidence in your content (you can send this thank you message via e-mail or in an e-mail message. Thank You Page to which you will be redirected after filling in the form).

IKEA, a coloring book for adults

#ColorWithIKEA is a recreational campaign for adults. IKEA offers a downloadable coloring book consisting of five sheets grouped into a printable PDF. And yes, it is aimed especially at adults.

IKEA, once again, demonstrated that it knows its target very well and knows what they are looking for from its brand. IKEA has always shown itself as a company close to its public, and the #ColorwithIKEA campaign is just an extension of these values. The company invites its customers to relax, to take a moment of their time to do something as simple as coloring some stencils.


Mr. Wonderful, calendars and animated screen savers

Mr. Wonderful is another example of eye-catching and attractive downloadables for its users. Your followers see value in leaving their contact information in exchange for creative offers , which are also closely linked to the brand.

For example, Mr. Wonderful offers a new screensaver for electronic devices (computer, tablet and mobile) every month. It’s a great way to create engagement with your followers, who will surely wait for at the beginning of the month to download the new design.

At the same time, it is a way to show yourself to a wider audience , since these designs will be seen by the friends of the users who have already downloaded the screensavers. Don’t you think, then, that it is worth working on this type of strategy?


wallpaper mr wonderful.jpg


Another example is shown in this image. It is a downloadable garland and, in the same post where the offer is provided, there is a tutorial on how to assemble it.  Wonderful to offer content more closely linked to your brand? 


Example of Mr. Wonderful downloadable content.


These examples show that sometimes users are also interested in disconnecting or distracting themselves from their busy day. Creativity and good design are the key to this other type of more casual offers. Have you already come up with an idea for your website?

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