What should a good logo design look like?

The basic secret of a good logo is to make the image represent the personality and ideology of your company and your customers.

Before starting to work on it, you must define what kind of image your brand will have. There are three possibilities. These examples are SMEs from Mallorca.

Logotype: Identity in the form of a word.



Imagotipo: Identity composed of typography/text and an image/symbol. The image is linked but both elements can be operated separately.

Identity composed of typography or text and an image or symbol united in the same concept. Indivisible. 




eserp logo design


Isotype: Identity symbolic of a brand without the need to mention it typographically or with text. The isotypes are divided into 6 groups: Monogram, Anagram, Symbol, Initial, Signature and Pictogram. This example corresponds to the Pep Lemon pictogram.


logo design pep lemon

Building a brand that benefits your SME in Mallorca inevitably involves the design of a good logo. Shape and colors are the two main characteristics of any image.

What is the ideal shape for a logo design?

The ideal form does not exist. But there are certain aspects to take into account to design the ideal logo.

It must be of high impact

The image must have the ability to be visually captured quickly and easily. It must be easy to remember for its notoriety.

Created on the basis of simple lines or sketches

Simplicity is the basis for a logo to be remembered. Sometimes, there is a tendency to draw complex lines to achieve an attractive and striking image. But the trick is precisely the opposite, to create an image that is easy to remember but at the same time stands out for its simplicity. You can use organic shapes, geometric shapes or mix both, but try to prioritize simplicity.


Adaptable to different formats

The logo of a company must adapt to very different formats in the online and offline environment. Websites, Apps, Favicons, Banners, Sidebars, emails, newspapers, magazines, posters, totems, stationery or any merchandising product. For this reason it is important that you create different versions, in different sizes, horizontally and vertically.

Digitizable and reproducible by mechanical means

Once the sketch has been made on paper, we advise you to to take the drawing to the computer. Analyze the different scales and, if typography exists, you should check its compatibility with the Internet.

Brand consistency

Jonah Berger, author of Invisible Influence: The Hidden Factors that Shape Behavior, says that Apple chose the name and the apple-shaped logo because they wanted to convey an image of closeness, friendliness… and to imply that their computers are easy to operate. His intention was to move away from a complex computer idea. This shows once again how important it is to specify the most important characteristics of the company, to be faithful to its values and to try to convey them properly.

93% of purchase decisions are made through visual perceptions. Of this perception, 85% is directly related to color.

What is the ideal color for a logo design?

Colors evoke emotions, of course. Trying to be original in this will only get us into trouble. There are countless studies that determine that if we take into account the psychology of color, it can surely help us to increase sales.

There is no ideal color because each SME is different and seeks to evoke different emotions to achieve its objectives. Want to know what would be the perfect color for your logo?


It is the preferred color of men and evokes productivity, calm, confidence, security, while conveying a corporate and non-invasive message.


Stimulates appetite. It quickly attracts attention and transmits strength, energy and power. It is associated with love and passion but,  beware, also with danger.


Experts say it tends to provoke crying in babies, although it is also associated with joy and warmth. It is a complex color, since is often related to toxic products such as bleach, so if your company belongs to the gastronomic sector, it is best to avoid it. 


It is a very versatile color that is associated with nature, health, fertility, money…  Its tonality is key to transmit sensations. Strong green evokes abundance and light green, calm.


It symbolizes purity, innocence, sharpness… It is a color that appeals more to the female public. It is also associated with luxury items, along with other colors such as gold, silver or black. 


It is the feminine color par excellence. In a strong shade, like red, it is related to energy, strength and youth; and in a soft shade, to romance.


The periodicity of the logo must be established before creating the design.  If your SME is dedicated to new technologies, you may be interested in a logo easily adaptable to current trends; however, if your company is dedicated to private security, you must transmit a solid, stable image. Therefore, the values of your company must also be evident in the periodicity.

In any case, we advise you not to fall into absurd or passing fads. And, of course, avoid buying logos from image banks. You must also be clear that your company’s logo is not personal, but must reflect the values of your brand. You have to feel comfortable with it, but you don’t have to be passionate about it. Think also in terms of the online and offline environment.

If you remember these tips, it will be easier for you to hit the bull’s eye and create your ideal logo. 

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