Marketing for building materials companies

Direct marketing is a strategy based on communicating with customers or potential customers in a more personalized way, in order to promote your products or services, using direct contact systems.


1. How can direct marketing help your business?

One of the advantages of this type of strategy over others is that communication is established with a predefined audience. That is, the success of direct marketing lies in the segmentation of your company’s target, with which a more personalized communication is established.


And what are the benefits of segmentation?

Think that not all your potential customers have the same needs. Especially in the materials sector. For this reason, identifying the interests of each group, the consumption behaviors of your contacts or market trends will help you to know the needs of these prospects and meet their expectations regarding the products and services you offer.

This segmentation allows you to establish a more personalized communication and more focused on their consumption preferences, so that you can tailor marketing campaigns to different groups more effectively. That is, so that you can adjust the message of your communications to their preferences.

The message or content is fundamental in any marketing strategy, especially when it is tailored to the needs of your potential consumers. If communications are limited to key moments and the information offered is of interest to these consumers, the conversion from contact to customer or from customer to loyalty is higher. That’s why segmentation based on preferences and evolution in the contact purchase process is key for direct marketing actions.

2. Which direct actions are most effective for your industry?

A combination of different direct marketing techniques can help you keep in touch with your different segments, whether they are regular customers or potential buyers. But not all industries are the same. So, to nurture and improve the relationship you have with your contacts and increase your sales volume and loyalty rate, in the materials sector, the most effective direct actions are:

Boutique mailing

Boutique mailing is the classic traditional direct marketing technique, which is still effective today. It may seem like an old-fashioned strategy, but the truth is that many consumers expect to see in their mailboxes the latest catalogs of their favorite businesses.

Think that there are sectors whose consumers are comfortable in a completely digital environment, but when they must consume products or services of materials for their home, the system is usually more face-to-face and traditional. For this reason, the mailing of printed catalogs is an effective direct technique.

But what type of audience do mailing actions work with? While it is a strategy that works, proof of this are the IKEA catalogs, Conforma… that many consumers keep for a while in their homes, this strategy is more effective for an end consumer. That is, it is a strategy recommended for those companies in the sector that operate at B2C level (Business to Client).


The emailing

Sending emails to segmented lists is one of the marketing actions with the best ROI. The truth is that, being a relatively inexpensive strategy, sending emails with the right message to certain consumers (segments) brings a great benefit to companies.

As we have said, depending on the preferences of consumers and the interactions that have been carried out with the company, email marketing campaigns can be very specific and personalized for greater success. From sending relevant information and, obviously, related to your products or services, to sending information related to your loyalty program.

Email marketing is a technique that can be effective regardless of the type of customer the business has. It allows you to keep end customers informed of trends, collections… but above all, it can help you establish a long-term relationship with your professional customers if you manage a B2B (Business to Business) company.

Mobile communication

It is becoming easier and easier to make inquiries and purchases through mobile devices. Technology has been a decisive factor in the changes in the behavior of co

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