What does employer branding bring to your SME?

Employer branding is a set of strategies, methodologies, dynamics and initiatives that a company implements to manage its brand reputation internally in order to attract and retain qualified professionals. Work on your employer brand to be more competitive.

Not everyone wants to work at Google because it’s a big international business – which it is – but if you ask them, most employees will say that the corporate philosophyis what they are most attracted to and proud of about their job, the ease of balancing their professional and personal lives. So, is a company’s philosophy that important to its employees? The answer is yes, definitely.

Think of workers today as needing the same care you devote to your contacts. Surely you invest in tools to build loyalty and keep customers in the long term because you know it’s one of the best strategies for your business. And what about your workers? Don’t you think they deserve the same kind of treatment? Don’t you think that building employee loyalty will bring benefits for your SME and make it grow?


If you are not convinced, consider the companies in your industry. You’re bound to know of a competing business that’s really popular with its workers. Their LinkedIn profile posts are full of employee recommendations and they have followers who continually admire their work. Maybe the projects you undertake are similar, as well as your goals, but the corporate philosophy of this company makes its workers do want to stay with it, while some qualified professionals escape you.

That’s because somehow these types of companies are clear about how important it is to work the image internally, and how fundamental it is to take care of the needs and expectations of their human resources. Because we all appreciate being taken care of, it is necessary for your SME to take into account an employer branding strategy Are you interested in knowing what it consists of and how to implement it to attract and retain talent in your company? We explain:

1. Why is the image shown by your business important?

2. What is employer branding and what is it based on?

3. How does this strategy benefit your SME

1. Why is the image your business displays important?

Are you interested in selling more of your products or services? Are you interested in growing your business? We know these are obvious questions, and you may think you already know the answer to our question, but the truth is that the image of a company is not only important for potential customers, but also internally.

In today’s work environment, taking care and managing the internal corporate image helps to have the best qualified professionals.

It is a mistake to think that both SMEs and start-up’s do not need their corporate identity to be perceived in the best way even from their beginnings, when in fact it is a growing need in a work environment increasingly influenced by new technologies. Think that not only your customers, but mainly your employees are the best ambassadors of your brand.

And the fact is that to get satisfied customers, you need qualified people – motivated and also satisfied – who meet their objectives. So, to please customers, you must also work on the relationship with the most important assets of a company: its workers.

However, in many cases investing in workers is still considered as an expense with no return and not as an investment with results. Keep in mind that investing in internal strategies to improve the relationship with your employees will help them to talk about your SME positively in their immediate environment.

Also, nowadays social networks have a fundamental role in the image shown by your SME. Think that it is no longer enough to publish sporadically and share the achievements of your company in your profile. Today you need more support

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