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How can Hubspot help a company? Attract new customers, improve your sales, optimize your bottom line.

Some would define Hubspot as an inbound marketing platform. The flowerpowers will tell you that it humanizes marketing. We will tell you that Hubspot is a platform that drives your sales. That generates leads. 

What is Hubspot?

That’s right,
Hubspot is a complex platform that brings together all the online tools through which you have contact with your customers: website, blog, emailing and social networks.
website, blog, emailing and social networks, to which it adds a CRM. Therefore, it has two main advantages:

The integration
by bringing all these tools together on a single platform allows the exchange of information between tools in a seamless and automatic way, something that all online marketers around the world will be infinitely grateful for and will be a great benefit to them.

The intelligence
system, by having a complete history of the customer and being able to respond according to his behavior. This allows us to guide the customer through the conversion funnel to purchase.



And how can Hubspot help a Mallorcan company?

Exactly does exactly the same thing it does for 18,000 other companies worldwide: attract new customers. Improve your sales. Help you to have a better income statement at the end of the fiscal year. And how will you do it? Through its partners, which are the companies that are certified in the methodology on which it is based as well as in the knowledge of the tool.

Who can I turn to if I want to implement Hubspot in Mallorca? Amara
is a certified Hubspot partner in Mallorca.
Our team can help you define the objectives of your project, consider the most appropriate tools to achieve them and develop the necessary content.

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