Get certified with HubSpot Academy. Much more than software.

HubSpot is much more than a tool because with its free online marketing courses you can learn the best practices and Inbound trends.

They practice what they preach. They do the marketing we all love. You probably know his publications on Inbound. If not, you should take a look at his blog. But what we want to highlight today is what seems to us to be of great value. Its free courses. Yes, they are free of charge.


The classes of these courses are conducted in video format, one of the most enjoyable ways to learn new marketing concepts and practices. Obviously, being an American company, they are in English. But you can rest assured, they have Spanish subtitles. So if your intention is to get the most out of your SME’s online marketing, you should see what they are all about.


1. Inbound Marketing. The fundamental methodology of online marketing.

12 Classes – 4.5 Hours

You already know what Inbound Marketing is, don’t you? With this course offered by HubSpot you will learn first-hand the four stages of an effective Inbound methodology. In depth. Attracting visitors, converting them into sales opportunities, closing these sales and gaining loyal customers. For some reason this course is fundamental. Without a basic knowledge of the best online marketing practices, it is difficult to carry out effective campaigns on the Internet today.

This course is aimed at all types of entrepreneurs, because the methodology is based on fundamentals that work with all types of companies. In other words, not only will it allow you to grow professionally, but also the knowledge you acquire will help your SME to achieve more profits.

How? Learning SEO best practices, content creation (blogging, social media, etc.), landing page structure and function, how to achieve conversions, lead tracking and email marketing. Knowledge that together will help you to execute a marketing strategy optimized to the profiles of your potential customers or buyer personas


2. Content Marketing. To work the content and make the most of it.

10 Classes – 5 Hours

You may think that content marketing is exactly the same as Inbound Marketing, but it’s not. The first is just another part of the Inbound methodology, but a fundamental part that must be known in depth. So, do you want to deepen your content knowledge?

As you know, content is the basis for an effective Inbound strategy. That’s why HubSpot has designed this course. With it you will learn the most effective way to plan and promote the most appropriate content for your potential customer. Because this platform gives you the possibility to learn how to design your content(storytelling), how to create, reuse and distribute it.

For what purpose? With the aim of capturing the attention of the sales opportunities that you attract with your SME’s website and satisfy the need for content that these leads have before they become customers. Because whether you are the one creating the content or supervising its creation, this course will provide you with the expert practices to not only generate useful content, but also to extract more value from it.


3. Email Marketing. To learn about best practices for sending emails.

9 Classes – 3.5 Hours

Email Marketing continues to be an important technique that must be part of your SMB’s online strategy. But what are the best practices for sending the right email to the contacts you have acquired from your website? What does an effective email marketing strategy look like? With the HubSpot course you will be able to go deeper into this subject.

Just think that millions of emails are sent every day, but most of them are never opened. Why? Many email marketing techniques follow a traditional cold email practice, while emailing best practices suggest that quantity doesn’t matter, as long as the recipients are the right ones and sent at the best time in their online buying cycle or buyer’s journey.

With the advanced course that HubSpot offers you, you will have a broad idea of what the marketing life cycle is; how to segment your contact database; design and optimize your emails; the right time to send them; and finally, how to analyze the results. Because sending the right email to your contacts at the right time guarantees that the objectives you set for it will be achieved.


4. Inbound Sales. If you need to learn how to identify leads and close sales.

5 Classes – 2 Hours

HubSpot’s Inbound Sales certification introduces your Sales department to the heart of the Inbound sales methodology. Think that in order to develop an effective Inbound Marketing strategy, both your SMB marketers and your sales consultants have to work hand in hand to grow your business.

Traditionally, marketing and sales didn’t seem to get along too well. But to achieve your Inbound goals, HubSpot proposes to remove the barriers that separate these teams and talk about the Smarketing Team (Sales and Marketing). A team that speaks the same language and works to meet the same objectives, those of your company.

For this reason, the platform also proposes that all staff involved in the sales of your business know first-hand what the methodology consists of and that, mainly, they dedicate their efforts to to close a sale of those leads that the marketing managers have worked on. So your role is to identify potential buyers, create customized presentations to connect with prospects and advise them in the best way.


5. Sales Software. To learn how to get the most out of CRM.

3 Classes – 3 Hours

Sales Software can be considered an extension of Inbound Sales. And yes, it is still one of the free courses offered by HubSpot. Unbelievable, isn’t it?

The CRM of this platform is the tool that allows you to track the actions of visitors, leads and customers on the web, to manage and document your marketing and sales efforts. If you decide to use it for your SME, this course will teach you the main features to carry out an Inbound sales strategy in a professional way with a relationship management system that will allow you to automate tasks efficiently.

In addition, sales team members could learn how to practically use HubSpot’s CRM to take notes and record data, getting to know prospects and thus spend more time selling.


As you can see, there is no shortage of free courses offered by HubSpot. While they are not all easy, we cannot say that they are not worthwhile. Because they deserve it. In addition, once you pass the exams and complete the practice according to the course that requires it, you can use your HubSpot certification to promote it on LinkedIn, where it adds value to your profile.

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