How to create a marketing plan to sell building materials?

A successful marketing strategy always starts with a proper marketing plan. Create a marketing plan for the building materials sector.

1. Why make a marketing plan?

If until now your company in the construction sector did not have a marketing plan, do not worry, it is more common than you think in your sector. In the construction sector it has been common for entrepreneurs to focus their efforts on sales of materials, especially in selling to other businesses or freelancers who require materials for their business activity. After all, your customers up to this point already knew what materials they needed to buy, and came to you as a supplier.


But you may have heard about the great impact of the internet on the consumer. And when we talk about the consumer it’s not that we want to talk about people using the internet more – which is true – but how they spend that time on the internet. Shoppers use the internet for much more than entertainment. It has now become a great source of information in case buyers need to resolve their doubts. And of course, also for online shopping.

And this also happens in your sector? Of course. It’s true that you may have a number of customers who have been loyal to your company for years, but with the new opportunities that the internet brings, employing your sales tactics is not enough. Those entrepreneurs and freelancers who are looking for materials for their projects sometimes don’t know what materials they need.

In other words, they need to look for information about the solutions that exist to meet their needs. And that information can be given to them by you through your company’s website.

That’s why marketing has become even more important today. While your goal is to sell building materials, you first need to attract customers to do so. And to attract them your marketing must be attractive, and above all educational, since the new mentality that your company must acquire is that of providing value to the customer, helping them to meet their objectives.

And since your company must also meet objectives, your marketing must be able to meet the new customer demand, but it must also have a goal, a reason to exist, that benefits the performance and growth of your business. That reason will be provided by a marketing plan.

1.1. What really is a marketing plan?

It is simply a document where you compile the objectives of your company, which are the ways chosen to achieve them and establish the steps to follow to fulfill the selected strategy. Its drafting is not only to start your marketing strategy, but also to analyze the progress of the strategy and check if the goals set from the beginning are achieved.

So, in what specific aspects will the plan help your business marketing project?

    • The marketing plan will allow you to always keep in mind the goals of your company
    • Gather information on the competitorsto use this information to explore ideas for improving your own methodology
    • It allows you to set short- and long-term goals, so you can prioritize the most important tasks
    • The marketing plan is flexible: it can be modified according to the new circumstances of your company
    • It will allow you to increase the efficiency in your work development and will help you to avoid or correct mistakes in your tasks
    • As you can see the marketing plan helps you to manage step by step the organization of your work in order to make your project at the competitive level of your sector

    Well, now that you know the importance of the marketing plan, we explain you how you can prepare the plan for your company.


    2. Define your company’s identity

    In the sale of construction materials there are many companies that distribute the same as you. And for the most part they still choose to strive for sales, instead of taking advantage of the new opportunities that online marketing brings. That’s why becoming a construction industry benchmark in your area can certainly help you differentiate yourself.

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