Do your employees know how to satisfy your customers?

Do your employees know your company's history and values? Is there harmony? Is there good communication? Does everyone know their role? And you, do you know how to please them?

Now is when we introduce a second phrase to remember: if happy customers are your best ambassadors, your employees are your best representatives, the face of your business. Do your employees know your company’s history and values? Is there harmony between the members of each team? Is there good communication? Does everyone know their role? Do they help each other to grow in the company?

Think that if a company has happy and motivated employees, it is obvious that this is transmitted in the way they work. Therefore, it will be easier for this company culture to be transmitted easily and can get the same positivism from customers.


1. Create a selection system appropriate to your company.

To build real trust with customers, it is first necessary that the company’s own employees trust the company, that they feel identified with its values and philosophy. This is the only way to truly delight customers.

A company’s  methodology for recruiting its employees is critical to achieving this goal in particular. Employees not only have to have the skills to perform their jobs, but they also have to be able to adapt to the company’s culture. For this reason, it is necessary to assess what their beliefs and ideas are, and not only the person’s experience.

So, to identify whether a person would be an ideal asset in your company, it is helpful to create a set of specific questions about the candidate’s culture that you can use during job interviews to assess whether your candidates would be a good fit for the job. Do you know what they really think about your company, your products and/or services? Do you know the person’s reasons or motivations for wanting to work with you?

In addition, it would also be a good idea to create pre-employment cultural immersion experiences. That is, since it is important to know if the employee’s values match the company, as well as to test whether he/she can integrate and harmonize with the team, it would be ideal to conduct pre-hire tests, such as small supervised tasks.

In summary, it is necessary to build a hiring process that takes into account not only a person’s skills, but also his or her emotional intelligenceIn the end, you will learn new methodologies and work practices in the course of your work, but attitude and character say much more about a person. 

2. Educate your employees to achieve common goals.

Regardless of the department the employee is in, one of the best investments a company can make is to educate its team members. It is necessary to think that in order to follow the same work methodology in which generating trust is the key, everyone must internalize it and know it. In addition, supporting the education of our employees so that they grow also makes us grow as a company.

Having employees who are motivated not only with their work, but with all the possibilities that are offered also has an impact on their dealings with your customers. Because any interaction with the customer is fundamental, educating is essential for the employee’s own autonomy.

We must not forget that, at the same time, trusting our team members is important and educating them in the knowledge of the work methodology, history and values of the company allows all employees to work with a new perspective to achieve the company’s objectives.

3. Trust and empower your team members.

The best way to empower your company’s people is to define principles that help them work autonomously and make appropriate decisions. In other words, these principles should help your employees to understand the dynamics of their work, while allowing them to be assessed during the course of their activities.

The key to formulating successful principles is communication and consensus that you will work daily to follow these guidelines. There must be a commitment between the company and the employee, since both have their own goals, as well as common objectives.

You must think of your employees as the face of your business: each one has a skill, a personality. If the hiring was done correctly, there should be no problem in trusting that the person is capable of securing the confidence of your sales opportunities and your customers.

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