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You want to get started with Inbound marketing and use HubSpot. Read on to discover the pros and cons of hiring an agency to help you in the process.

He thinks that this methodology has appeared at the most opportune moment. When consumers, both online and offline, have grown tired of intrusive marketing practices and have changed their purchase behavior. Nowadays we look for reviews and information for everything, even if we don’t buy online.

For this reason, Inbound marketing and quality content that your website can offer beyond your products or services is essential. Content is what allows users to become familiar with the company, its values and its offer. It is what makes it possible for the consumer to be satisfied with the purchase he/she makes. And we already know that a satisfied buyer can become the best promoter of your brand.


Let’s review.

An Inbound marketing campaign cannot start without a good understanding of your potential customers, your ideal customers. Otherwise, you would not be able to create and promote quality content on a consistent basis and orchestrate
and automated processes that would help you simplify the work. 

All this thanks to the help of the right tools, or in this case, the help of HubSpot. This platform, very cleverly, has facilitated the marketing efforts of companies by integrating Inbound processes to increase your marketing reach and ensure that your customers can find your products and services.

What would happen if you go on your own? 

Now, if this is already clear to you and your question is whether you need an agency for this purpose, the answer is no. If it’s your desire to start doing Inbound marketing, and even benefit from HubSpot for it, you obviously can. However, you should know that this methodology implies that you invest a great deal of your time. There are no half measures with Inbound Marketing. Good practices are good for a reason.

To start an Inbound Marketing campaign, you must first know how it works. From profiling your buyer personas, to analyzing the behavior of your leads on your website, to the copy of your emails, blog and social networks. This methodology involves spending many hours learning how to generate and optimize the content that will lead you to gain deserving customers. And the fact is that whoever wants something, it costs him something.

On the other hand, it is true that no one knows your product or service like you do. Besides, if you decided to go it alone, you would have total and absolute control. But realistically speaking, would you be sufficiently free to devote the efforts needed, do you think you have the knowledge that allows you to use a platform, such as HubSpot, well enough to carry out all the online marketing actions?

The biggest mistake you can make is to underestimate the effort of implementing the right practices at the right time, as well as to overlook the much-needed analysis of all processes. Doing things in a hurry does not work. Mainly because the results, although very good, are obtained in the medium to long term. As mentioned above, it may be inexpensive, but it takes up your time.

What if you don’t have time to waste? 


First of all, relying on a HubSpot partner is your best option. On the one hand, hiring an agency, with a marketing team specialized in Inbound, will allow you to save time and effort in learning the methodology. In addition, the implementation of the strategies would be simpler, more reliable and faster.

An agency has expert copywriters, consultants and analysts who can give you all the details of the evolution and operation of the Inbound methodology in your business. Create the right content, for the right people, and deliver it at the right time. Delegating this work is responsible on your part, when you won’t be able to devote the time it deserves.

Obviously, you have to choose the option that best suits the needs of your SME. You know better than anyone what your goals are. And there are bound to be misgivings about trusting another company. But letting someone else take care of the marketing can have the best results, especially if we are talking about people who have specialized in your industry. So, in this case, we do advise you to do your homework when selecting the agency that best suits you.

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