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Inbound marketing is a growing trend. Find out the statistics on how it will advance in the future, based on a survey of 6,000 professionals.

Hubspot is a platform that brings together all the online tools through which you can put this methodology into practice. Allows you to have contact with your customers through website, blog, emailing and social networks, in addition to  CRM. But in addition to offering you a unified software, it also does very interesting market research. Do you want to know their recent statistics? These are some of the conclusions after surveying 6,000 professionals about what the marketing of the future will be like.


Experts say that their top priority for this year is to convert leads into customers and, with respect to the inbound methodology, to improve SEO and generate more traffic. Don’t miss any detail!

 marketing priorities


 inbound marketing priorities


inbound company challenges


Regarding the way we communicate, social networks are gaining ground year after year, making video the preferred format for most professionals. Youtube is the channel with the most users, followed closely by Facebook. Linkedin is the most widespread job networking site with more than 500 million users, and is the most widely used among the different professional categories. But if we leave networks aside, email is king, along with the telephone. It is clear that two-way, personalized communication is still very special to consumers.


 Future Channel


preferred channel as a professional. Inbound marketing


professional social networks

Inbound marketing is what really breaks the mold. Analyze this table and draw your own conclusions. Almost half of the professionals confirm that inbound marketing is the methodology with which they have achieved the best ROI, compared to 12%  who consider traditional marketing to be the best methodology.

 inbound marketing methodology


Inbound marketing has meant that the sales and marketing departments are no longer running in parallel and are now intertwined in joint projects. The relationship tends to become more and more intertwined. In fact, on a scale of 1 to 4, where 4 is the highest level of rapport, most place it at 3.


relationship between sales department and inbound marketing

The growth of inbound marketing is now an indisputable reality. Today’s companies must grow and advance at the same pace as society, and the boom in online content consumption via mobile is more than evident. This methodology is the answer to the current dynamics of society. Look ahead and don’t fall behind.

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