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Corporate identity is the visual, communicative and emotional identity. Find out what is behind the word brand, logo and branding.

The corporate identity is made up of the visual identity, the communicative identity and the emotive identity (values transmitted, codes of conduct, etc.). All this forms the brand. A brand resides, above all, in people’s minds.  


Having absolute control of your brand is totally impossible. Why? Quite simply, because not all information is generated from the core business. Of course, you can shape and try to redirect the consumer’s feeling about  your company, but you do not have absolute power. The Internet is a tool available to all, to satisfied consumers, but also to dissatisfied ones. So you have to always work on your brand and periodically monitor your online reputation. It is important to keep customers satisfied and informed on the networks. For this reason, it is not enough to work on the design of your website and your social media profiles, including your brand logo.

What exactly is a logo?

When we talk about visual identity we refer to the brand logo, the colors that identify it and all the merchandising design. A logo is the graphic symbol that represents a company. Although we call any graphic representation a logo, the truth is that this term only refers to the identity of an organization in text form. In addition, there are other graphics such as the imagotype, isologotype and isotype, which include symbols. 

As a general term for all graphics, a logo is an information-laden image, a symbol or a typography that reflects the most outstanding values of a company. For example, Coca-Cola uses curved lines, a lighthearted typography and the color red to highlight the happiness and sparkle of life it proclaims. The letters of the Hewlett Packard (hp) logo are sober and slanted to the right to give a sense of “looking to the future”, of innovation.

logo-cocacola-hpDesigning a logo that reflects our most outstanding values will help us to be quickly recognized, to differentiate ourselves, and to establish ourselves in the market. In addition, branding merchandise, understood as different products stamped with the company’s image, promotes the brand and favors the sense of belonging to an entity. 

What does branding mean?

Branding comes from the word Brand, brand in English.  We refer to this term when we talk about the process of building a brand and the process of brand diffusion.

One of the best examples of a company with strong branding in Mallorca is…

Take a guess.


If you answered Camper, you hit the nail on the head. Imagine how you have related the shape of the logo (correctly we should say isologo) with the haircut. Isn’t it amazing? 

It is wonderful how much marketing is capable of doing  and how, through studied strategies, it can conquer the human mind. Having a good product or offering a good service are important aspects for a business to succeed; however, what really defines business success is to engrave your brand in the minds of consumers and that can only be achieved through marketing.

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