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Surely you have heard about experiential marketing, but would you know how to put it into practice? Today we explain the success story of Cervezas Alhambra.

It is clear that by improving the customer experience in an online purchase, or the diner in a restaurant, offering exclusive products or improving the service, we are already part of these experiential strategies, but in the end we are simply improving, not creating.

video marketing
is also a way to sell experiences, to sell emotions. It is a type of product that works very well. After all, who doesn’t like to see a nice video, with spectacular images, telling us that those people on paradisiacal beaches or surfing could be us?


Let’s move from showing experiences to creating experiences

This is all well and good, but we believe it is time to go a step further and not just sell experiences or improve experiences, but create experiences. In this sense, Cervezas Alhambra has done very well. It has really broken through this barrier.

With the concept of time as its flagship, Cervezas Alhambra works its leitmotiv create/without/hurry offering workshops, tastings and meetings on craftsmanship.

The concept of time on the Cervezas Alhambra website.

Is there anything more dedicated and patient than craftsmanship? Cervezas Alhambra invites its consumers to stop, to feel with the five senses, to stop and discover sensations. If you think about it, this is a concept that is totally related to the product itself. A beer can be tasted, it has nuances in its aroma… At the same time, the brand suggests that its beer is handcrafted, intense, and follows a careful brewing process. This is their manifesto:

Experiences as brand value: workshops, meetings and tastings

On its website, Cervezas Alhambra  explains the philosophy of the brand and you can find future workshops, tastings and meetings that will take place.

Names such as Raquel Rodrigo, Martín Azúa or Álvaro Catalán have been seen in the different activities organized by this initiative. In this video we see the contribution Stop. Watch. Play.  by Álvaro Catalán de Ocón, who used the bottles of Cervezas Alhambra as the starting point for the project:



With this medium-term initiative, Cervezas Alhambra makes sure to reach a wide audience, in different locations, through well-known personalities and with a with a message of value: “perceive the hidden details”. 

By participating in the workshops, tastings and other meetings, the Alhambra beer public becomes part of the brand, feels part of the project and this will translate into greater engagement. engagement.

Are you ready to create experiences?

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