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If you are wondering how you can improve the image of your Mallorcan SME, read these 5 tips to help you get up to speed.

We did it! We have come up with the perfect definition of branding. Let’s stop with strategies, plans and juggling: Branding is an art that is driven by the heart.

What did you think? Yes, we too have been left dumbfounded. Sometimes we get so complicated that we don’t see what’s really important: passion and telling a good story.

Now you want to be part of this concept too, don’t you? Here are the 5 must-haves that will launch your SME to success.


The fantastic 5 to create an authentic brand image 

Just like you, your brand is also made up of a body and a soul. The soul of your brand is what will reach the heart of your customers. If you succeed, you will never be kicked out.

1. Storytelling: Simply, be magical.

If you thought that being a company on Mallorca was going to limit your reach, you were very wrong. In fact, with digital marketing you have all the power in your hands and you have no more excuses.

We all love to hear stories. You too, don’t fool us. Well, that’s exactly what your audience wants, for you to tell them a story.

Behind every company there is a story: turn it into a legend. Go back in time if necessary, ask your predecessors if it is a family business. And, above all, shape it. Then, communicate it. You can create a video, write a short story in the about us section of your website… Any format is valid.

But remember: be magical.

 Creating a video is a good way to tell your company's story.

2. Reputation online: the customer is the king of the mambo


Know your online presence

You should know and, above all, take care of your online presence from this very moment.

If you’ve never done a thorough search for content about your company on the web, stop reading this post and get to it! We’d rather risk losing you than let it go any longer.

Did you know that there are free tools that inform you when is talking about you online? Activate Google Alerts to get notifications every time your brand is mentioned on the Internet. It is a totally free tool, but you must have a gmail account. Then you simply add the words or phrases for which you want Google to alert you.

Your followers don’t want to talk to themselves

And even more important is to take care your social profiles. No comment should be left unanswered. And by responding we do not mean a standard message to all customers. This is not valid.

Personally respond to each comment by offering a solution or simply thanking your follower for their interaction, as the case may be. And yes, respond to criticisms as well. In fact, these are the ones you should take care of the most.

According to a Nielsen study, 58% of European users value online reviews and comments from other shoppers. Keep this in mind.

3. Traditional works. And a lot of it.

Don’t be fooled, traditional marketing is not dead. But it has gone down. Make no mistake, it is a great idea to invest in business cards or a brochure showing your products. But is not only about investing financially, but also about dedicating all your creativity to it.

This is a fun article about business cards, where you will see how it is possible to be original in any sector and, in many cases, with a minimum investment.

Creativity is your best tool to improve the image of your SMB in Mallorca


4. Your website is your everything.

And it really is the platform where you can communicate absolutely everything. All you need to do is give your users a virtual hug. And time to time.

Almost any initiative has a place in your web page.

Link your social networks

It is a must. And if you want to go further, there are plugins that show the latest interactions of your Facebook or Twitter in real time on your website. But to use this type of add-ons, make sure you have active profiles.

Play with your customers!

Have you heard of gamification? Everyone wants to be entertained and unwind for a few minutes a day, engage your visitor! In this article you will find all the information about the how and why of gamification.

Storytelling engages

If you have listened to us and have created a video or a story about your company’s history, it should appear in a very visible way on your site. Even if you later broadcast it on other platforms or even if your video is stored on Youtube or Vimeo. It should also be shown on your website, that’s your identity.

Improving your brand image has two essential ingredients: creativity and content.

Tell them about it to your customers.

A good option is to include a blog section on your website. You will need dedication and perseverance, but it will be worth it! A blog can be a very good asset to position yourself organically in search engines like Google and to show you as a reference company in your sector.

5. The beginnings of time: if you are just starting out

Or you simply want to give your brand image a facelift. Check out this article with the 5 tips to create an online brand from scratch.

In addition, take advantage of your start-up or re-start to position yourself as a responsible company. Corporate social responsibility is an increasingly important value for brands.

And that’s not all! But for today we have run out of space. Keep learning in the next posts about digital marketing for SMEs in Mallorca from Amara’s blog. Subscribe!

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