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Marketing strategies help SMEs succeed. To prove it to you, here are five examples of successful marketing in Mallorca for small businesses.

Meteoclim, a successful start-up thanks to good communications

Meteoclim is a very young company totally specialized in the meteorology and climatology sector. Formed by experts in this field, this start-up has been able to communicate in the right way to launch itself towards success.

What stands out

There are many start-ups that should have been born to stay, but due to their bad (or lack of) communication they ended up in oblivion.


Meteoclim is the exception. This young Mallorcan start-up knew what it needed to succeed and did not hesitate to invest all its resources in a state-of-the-art 
and the innovative video marketing strategy.

Start-up Meteoclim is an example of marketing success in Mallorca

Why it stands out

Meteoclim has been able to see the potential of video marketing at a time when this strategy is new and enduring. Did you know that an online video can even double the conversions of your company?

Internet users are increasingly lazy. We no longer want to read, we want to be enraptured by moving images. Good graphics, good pictures and, of course, a good story.

Good communication is essential to the success of a small business

Conclusion for you

This is the moment. Don’t wait any longer. If you want to invest time and resources in video marketing, don’t pass it up. Be ahead of your competition and, above all, be creative. Don’t settle for copying what others do.

Xutipesca, a change of image after ten years

Xutipesca is one of the main companies in the fish and seafood sector in Mallorca. Its main objective has always been to take care of the quality of its products and customer service.

What stands out

The company Xutipesca managed to restyle its brand without losing its essence. Their goal was not to lose the engagement they had created with their long-time customers and to connect with new buyers.

The result was a modern logo with a flat design (flat and minimalist). Along with the logo, all the brand’s stationery, as well as the website, followed the same casual style.

A modernized and up-to-date image is important to attract your customers.

Why it stands out

We highlight Xutipesca as a successful company because it is not easy to decide to redesign the corporate identity of a company. Daring to take the plunge is already a challenge!

Many companies prefer not to renew for fear of losing their regular customers or not adapting to the new image. But with a good marketing team in the background, this change need not bring anything other than great success.

All your company's communication must follow the same line of design and values.

Conclusion for you

Xutipesca managed to significantly improve the corporate communication of its brand, reaching its public with a more modern and avant-garde image.

So don’t be afraid to jump in the pool! Change is almost always for the better. Don’t be left at the gates of success.

Innovation Strategies, the excellence of corporate image

Innovation Strategies is a company of technological solutions that chose to show its best face for its corporate communication, fleeing from stock images and predefined texts.

Innovation Strategies was a company that knew very well what its soul was, but it needed to improve its communication. After a great work together with a powerful marketing team, it is now a company with an excellent corporate communication .

Take care of your company's corporate image and show your best face

What stands out

Some companies opt for a quick and easy solution when it comes to defining their communication. They opt for web templates, repetitive and insipid texts and stock images. Do they communicate their essence in this way?

Innovation Strategies immediately understood that there was a path that, although it involved more time and work, led to success. The personalization of your content brings the team’s passion and true differentiation to the customer.

Why it stands out

Innovation Strategies stands out among SMEs because it has been able to understand that laying the foundations of good communication is the guarantee of a good investment in the marketing area.

They were one hundred percent involved in the project and used ad hoc photographs of their own facilities and collaborators.

Innovation Strategies is a good example of a success story in Mallorca for its good communication.

Conclusion for you

If you don’t communicate, you don’t exist. And if you communicate in a flat way, matching the rest of the companies in the sector, you don’t stand out. Don’t settle!

YouCarRental, success in simplicity

YouCarRental is a car rental offer consolidator that also offers technological solutions to its partners. Like all businesses in a tourism environment, it is a very broad and complex sub-sector.

What stands out

Faced with a large and dispersed market, YouCarRental looked for an offline solution that would allow them to make a presentation in a simple and interactive way and decided to start a gamification project, which resulted in CarRentalPoly. It is a tool  of presentation of the company in game format, which presents the contents in a very visual and dynamic way, where the customer can clearly see what is the solution offered to the problems that are presented to the customer on a daily basis.

Creativity is your ally in attracting new customers

Why it stands out

Very few companies are still opting for gamification as a marketing strategy. This is why YouCarRental was able to seize the opportunity, so that today it is able to approach its customers much more effectively.

Conclusion for you

Don’t always settle for traditional strategies. The client expects you to surprise him and to facilitate the company’s presentation processes and solutions.

ESERP, the power of image and diffusion

ESERP is a leading international business school. They offer postgraduate courses and specialized master’s degrees. Although its headquarters are located in Barcelona, Madrid and Palma de Mallorca, it also has links to the most important universities around the world.

What stands out

ESERP had good online communication, essential for its international marketing. Still, they wanted to improve it. They needed a greater diffusion through the Internet. Reach your customer better and improve conversion rates. So what better than a video marketing strategy?

Video marketing helped ESERP reach an international audience

Why it stands out

The key to ESERP’s success has been to rely on an audiovisual strategy, which reaches its potential customers in a dynamic and very effective way .

ESERP decided to opt for video marketing, since there is no better way for its future students than to show them what their academic year will be like. They can feel much more identified.

Conclusion for you

Don’t close doors. If you really want to reach beyond your city, you need to stand out in the online environment. Nowadays, video marketing is a very powerful tool within everyone’s reach. With a few good professionals and a dose of creativity, you will dominate your industry!

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