How to take advantage of trade fairs in the building materials sector

Many companies in the building materials sector want to reach more people and sometimes find it difficult to do so. Trade fairs are one of the channels that can help them to create more direct relationships and make themselves known as a brand. But how can we take 100% advantage of a trade fair?

If, in addition, you participate as an exhibitor at a fair, you can: more easily get contacts from new customers, so you can more easily gain their trust by interacting face to face with them; contact new suppliers; offer all kinds of information about your company, as well as the products and/or services you want to market; reinforce the image of your brand…


Fairs to publicize building materials


Many of the companies in the building materials sector want to reach more people and sometimes find it difficult. Trade shows are one of the channels that can help them create more direct relationships and become known as a brand.

Now that you know what the benefits of participating in a trade show are, you can start exhibiting and marketing your building products. But, before you exhibit and make known the products you want to promote, you need to plan how you want to do it and who you want to target.

Planning is a key point when participating in this type of events because, if you want to take advantage of a fair one hundred percent, you must take into account: selection of the fair, the exhibition, preparation of the stand and identification of competitors.


1. Selection of the fair of interest


There are hundreds of trade fairs around the world, so the first thing you should know is in which fairs you want and are interested in having a presence. But, before deciding which fair to participate in, you must know what products or services you want to exhibit or market. When you have already selected what materials you want to promote at the event, you must go to an appropriate fair according to the product and/or service you want to make known.


2. Stand preparation

Your booth should be well located and easily accessible so that all visitors can find it quickly. In addition, you must take into account the aesthetics of your booth, the more eye-catching it is, the better. In this way, your potential customers will be attracted and will approach interested to know what you offer them.

The promotional products of your brand are essential for customers to come to your booth and remember you after the fair. The products that are usually given away at fairs are pens, folders, bags, USB…Imagination and creativity are your allies to stand out in this regard.


3. Display

When it comes to exhibiting your brand, you must have the right staff, a team that projects a good image to the public, has experience and is able to resolve any questions that visitors have, that is, that knows your product.


4. Identifying competitors

Another important point to take into account is to know who your competitors are, as well as their products. This way, you will know what theirstrengths and weaknesses are and, thus, you will be able to establish a difference to enhance your product or service.

Your booth.

Your stand at a building materials fair


Once everything has been planned and the day the fair starts, you should think about how you will attract the attention of all possible visitors to your stand. For example, you can dynamize the event on social networks, creating contests and promotions; offer promotional products that you think are attractive for each type of customer…


Of course, it is essential that you communicate in advance your attendance to your database of customers and potential customers, providing them with all kinds of information to attend the fair and find you. You can even set up meetings in advance for the days of the event.

Once the fair is over, it is necessary to make an evaluation of the exhibition to know what the results have been and to take note of the improvements for future events. It is also important to follow up on the contacts made at the event through calls or email marketing actions, to stay in the minds of our potential consumers.

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