Optimising the purchasing process in the internationalisation of companies

One of the keys to the successful internationalization of a company is the use of technological tools that optimize the purchasing process.

1. Exploration phase

One of the most important aspects of internationalizing your SME is to define the foreign market to target, especially knowing what are the main needs or concerns of your potential customers. Thanks to the multiple opportunities offered by the Internet, it is possible to access different foreign markets. However, attacking a new market requires internal preparation of your company, as well as planning of the marketing strategy in the international market.


There are two fundamental aspects in the initial stage to start getting your first online visitors in the foreign market: knowing the customer and generating content that may interest him/her.

1.1. Google Trends and Google Analytics

The best way to know your customer’s concerns or needs is to know what searches he/she performs through search engines, especially Google. The exploration phase itself is about seeking answers to their problems or needs, about naming the customer’s situation. Therefore, a very practical technique to attract customers from abroad is to bring them the answers at this stage that local companies do not offer them.

There are multiple tools that allow you to study the keywords or keywords that your potential customers search for, such as Sistrix or SEMRush. However, these online tools usually include options that online marketing agencies that help in the internationalization of companies.

To get you started in the search for the topics of interest of your potential customers, you can try Google Trends. This fantastic tool from the popular search engine will allow you to find keywords with online traffic in the most recent past, as well as keywords related to these same ones.

Basically this tool helps you know the search trends of your potential customers recently. Therefore, a fantastic way to know the topics that may be of interest to them, to attract them to your website during the exploration phase.

On the other hand, you can not miss the use of Google Analytics. It will be a good ally to contemplate the results of your online strategy to attract users from the foreign market, as well as to discover new opportunities to get even more quality visitors.

1.2. CMS

What would be another important tool to attract visitors from the international market? Undoubtedly a CMS (Content Management System), which will allow you to create content on a regular basis. As you can imagine, a blog is an optimal strategy to generate content using the keywords that currently have traffic. This way you can regularly attract new users to your website, answering the most frequent queries of your potential customers.

The most popular CMS today is WordPressthanks to the fact that it allows you to install various plugins, while another very complete CMS is that of HubSpot.

Consideration phase in internationalization of companies

2. Consideration phase

The exploration phase will allow you to attract a large number of visitors, but as you must already imagine, the funnel or funnel requires letting through in this next phase those visitors who are looking for solutions for their problem or need. Therefore, it is also important to generate content on your blog that provides them with solutions to make them move forward in the buying process.

One of the most effective ways to provide them with solutions is offering them valuable content. For example, eBooks, guides to the best solutions, offers type tests… Since you are educating your customer on what solutions are recommended for them, it would be a good time to make them your contact or sales opportunity, right?

While it is possible to get leads by generating valuable content in the exploration phase, in the sales phase, in the sales phase it is possible to get leads.

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