All the SEO positioning techniques to make you stand out in 2018.

Knowing our potential customers, before we start creating content we need to implement proper SEO techniques.

Content is what we want people to find when we do a search on search engines, therefore, content is what companies, especially SMEs that want to make ourselves known, we must work on. How? With an appropriate Inbound marketing strategy that allows us to make the most of the content we generate.

Now, knowing who we are targeting, our potential customers, before we start creating content we need to raise an appropriate positioning strategy. That’s why we have compiled for your company the publications that can help you to stand out in 2018 in search engines and get to increase qualified traffic to your website. 


So, do you want to learn how to position to gain more potential customers?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of improving your website in search engines like Google. The goal is to get more organic traffic to your website from search engines, ie more visits naturally and without having to pay to advertise your business.

In this article we teach you what you should know if you want to get more customers for your SME through SEO. Do you know what is a strategy to optimize in search engines? Keep reading this post where we give you the keys to local SEO and keyword strategy that you should take into account for your business if you want your potential customers to find you.

Now, do you know how your blog can help your brand’s SEO?

One of the tools that can help you with your SEO positioning will be the blog. In addition, it will allow you to open a conversation with your followers and thus establish a quality company-customer dialogue. Of course, do not forget that the content you publish in it must be interesting and useful. It is not worth publishing for the sake of publishing because, in the long run, rather than benefiting you, it will harm you.

As we said at the beginning, you have to work on the content. And what is not the blog but the best place to do it! A blog is a space that will allow you to stand out as a reference company, it will help you to position your brand in the main search engines. Read on and we will help you not to leave aside the technical aspects of SEO for your own publications.

And what about optimizing other formats apart from text?

Google is not just a web link search engine, it has long since stopped offering only text-based results. Nowadays Google is a search engine for images, videos, maps and much more. Is your SEO positioning strategy prepared for all formats?

Google’s goal has always been and will always be the satisfaction of its users. Google helps companies, but as long as they work correctly their web content. Face it, you are not Google’s priority. The engine will always go in favor of its users and will modify its guidelines as many times as users modify their search style.

Look at successful SEO and SEM campaigns to attract traffic

Search engine optimization is not an easy strategy, especially now that the algorithms of Google and other search engines are changing. That’s why we must look at those good campaigns that manage to make the right impression. That’s why we must learn from good practices. This time we show you one of the latest marketing masterpieces of IKEA. A clear example of creativity mixed with a positioning strategy that has managed to impact its users. Learn more about IKEA’s Retail therapy campaign.

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